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Are low carb diets healthy for men

8/19 11:57:52

Are low carb diets healthy for men? Well first why are men separated when it comes to diet, fitness and nutrition outside of the obvious difference in anatomy? Well first men and women have different genetic codes as well as hormone levels. But the human body when it comes to basic function and nutrition needs is the same. Nutrition is based off of activity level, your height, weight and body type as well as blood type in some cases.
So are low carb diets healthy for men? That all depends on what your needs are as a individual person female or male. If you are sensitive to carbs and find you get bloated and gain weight easily with these types of foods then no low carb diets would actually bring you some success and would probably be fairly easy to stick to as a lifestyle change. But if you find yourself feeling worse will low carb diets and gaining weight without them then you are different in body type and would require higher carb intake to function at your prime level.
Several studies have been done over the years that bring to light these issues and tell you how these different individuals are affected and react. You can see that many people try these different diets and will tell you how they were tired or felt bad that is because low carb means exactly that. Low carb not no carb. You can get very good sources of carbohydrates from fruit and vegetables as well as nuts and legumes. Most people who do low carb will block out all sources and take in little pieces of what they know as carbs. Like bread and potatoes. Just grab some fruit and carrots that will be a good source with long lasting energy. Better than bread and pasta.
But however I want you to look at a study review of the New England Journal of Medicine on are low carb diets healthy for men and what they said about it. You can see this at www.thewereviewnutrition.com/lowcarbinfo.html Check it out!

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