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A Quick and Easy Detox You Can Do Over a Weekend

8/19 11:56:19

You’ve probably seen or read about detoxes in magazines and if you are wondering whether they work then you will probably be surprised. It really is not what the hype is making it out to be. Its not about instant weight loss or anything like that. Its about giving your body a break and reviving both body and mind. With the stress and strain of everyday living we tend to build up a lot of toxins in our body. Although diet is the biggest factor, its not the only one. Stress, a lack of exercise and insufficient rest all adds to the build up of toxins.

The purpose of a detox is to help your body get rid of these toxins. Often times when you feel fatigued or if you find it hard to lose weight your body is overly stressed and a proper detox can help you restore the balance and leave you feeling like a new person.

Although there are a lot of products in the form of pills, shakes and drinks to help you detox many of them are just a bunch of chemicals that force stuff out of your body. This is not always healthy. As a rule of thumb, a slower detox is better, but even if you follow this simple detox plan you can see and feel some real results in just a weekend.

The reason why you need to do this over a weekend is because during the week there are too many distractions and excuses to “slip”. What we are going to do is to spend the entire Saturday, just eating fruit and drinking water. Don’t eat any other solid food and try and limit your fruit intake to 6 or 7 portions. The focus is to consume as little solid food as possible. An even better way to do this is to only drink juices.

Juicing is a great way to detox as your can use different juices to help speed up the detoxification process. By juicing certain fruits and vegetables like celery, beetroot and cucumber you can accelerate the detox.

Then, on the Sunday, you are not eating anything. Just water – and lots of it. You will need to drink at least 3 liters of water. This will cleanse your system and even though its only for a day, you will wake up feeling refreshed on the Monday morning. Try it. Its really easy to do and it works!

For more great tips on fasting to lose weight, see my blog and learn more about juice fasting and detoxification.

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