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Diets to Lose Body Fat – Weight Loss Diets

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In order to lose fat, it’s necessary for you to eat according to your lifestyle. You can’t do light jobs and eat more of energetic foods. It’s essential in helping to shed off excess bad and avoid storage of any bad fat. This simply means that you should eat according to what you use to burn the fat. The average calorie our body needs daily is 3,500 calories, and our body burns off 3,500 calories daily while we are at rest, and more are lost if we exercise. So it means that if you eat any additional calories other than the 3,500 calories your body needs, you would burn 3,500 calories regardless of whether your body is at rest or busy. The remaining 3,500 calories left after the burnt ones is stored as fat. You see, there is need to count calories. Counting calories will be able to let us know the calories of food we eat daily; you already know you require just 3,500 calories of food daily. In case if you don’t know what calorie is; it simply the unit for measuring the energy value of food. The food we eat is actually weighed in terms of calories. If we could use a scale to measure and make sure we eat an average of 3,500 calories, I tell you, within the range of 1 month you will as slim as Britney Spears.

Now, let’s talk about the best diets to eat in order to lose body fat and the ones to avoid to gain fat.

Lean protein: they are healthy diets adequate for losing body fat. Examples of them are skinless chicken, healthy fishes like salmon, sardines and crocked tilapia.

Lean beef: they are beef stake and goat meat.

Take non-diary products like skimmed milk and soy milk. If you love to take lactose, then you can go for yogurt but make it free from fat.

Higher fiber: take enough of higher fiber – examples are free paw paw, water melon, apples and pineapple. Avoid fibers that contain excess sugar. Pineapples are adequate for digestion. It’s natural, which makes it stand out among other artificial sugar and sweetness.

Take a lot of vegetables: take about 6 serving of fresh vegetables daily. If vegetables are out of your reach, you can replace them with multivitamins. Make a meticulous choice when selecting the most adequate multivitamin, most over the counter multivitamins cause a lot of hunger pangs. Take varieties of vegetables per day to enhance the vitamins, minerals, and phyto-chemicals your body need. Vegetables like pumpkin and green leaves are most adequate when you are in a fat loss program. Also if you want to eat salad, mix it with sandwiches rather than butter.

Eat lean meat: reduce the intake of red meat. If possible, stop taking them entirely. Or you can take just it once, per serving, in a whole week. You should replace red meat with other sources of meat like turkey, snails, fish and skinless chicken.

Eggs: If you must eat eggs – one egg daily is okay. The reason is because the quantity of cholesterol presence in more than one egg yoke causes heart diseases; same as red meat, that was why I said you should avoid them

Healthy fat: eat only mono-saturated and poly saturated fats. Some of them are ground flax seeds, flax seed oil, and avocados. Avoid saturated fats – fats that are soaked in oil.

Don’t take processed foods especially simple carbohydrates like white rice, white pasta and white bread. Saturated fats like butter, cheese, poultry, and margarine. They all contain hydrogenated oil.

Whole grains: if you want to take grainy foods, go for beans and/ brown rice. Foods that are rich in whole grains mean that its outer kernel, vitamin and inner mineral haven’t been removed.

Drink a lot of water daily to detoxify your system. It helps to flush out toxins. Do you know that our body loses 2.5 liters of water daily while at rest? Water maintains your body metabolism. Take up to 2-3 liters of pure water per day.

If you must take juice, go for its fresh form. Taking a cartoon or pack of already made fruit juice isn’t advisable for someone that wants to lose body fat. You are required to take fruits in its raw organic state, most of all – sugar or creams should not be mixed with it. Don’t take more than 8 ounces of fresh fruit juice daily. It’s better and healthier to buy a blender and make your own juice.

Don’t take lemonade or even diet sodas. It takes the body time to fully register the calories taken in liquid form. You will be satisfied after consuming a high fibre orange but you won’t feel satisfied after taking soda, rather your body would hunger for more.

Avoid beer, hard liquor or even energy drinks. Well, you can take red wine in-place of beer, hard liquor.

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