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Don’t Let Fight with Food Ruin your Life any Longer – Take A couple of Steps

8/19 11:44:02

In my years of battling with over-eating and bulimia I found two things which played a vital part in my recovery and gave me a tremendous shove toward victory and liberty on this very difficult path: Consistency and SURRENDER.
I so hoped and prayed that CONSISTENCY would be natural for me. It appears to me that several people are simply rigged for consistency. I covet my husband’s consistent character. He does not leave a project unfinished and the man will keep at a task long after I have given up. It has significantly reward him and particularly our family over time. Therefore I realize it is a valuable habit to pick up, it’s just that it doesn’t come easy for me!

I determined that if you can perform 3 things frequently for just one 365 days, you will have an an entirely different way of life:

1. Make time for God daily NO MATTER WHAT!

2. Train several times each week NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS

3. Get started on doing 1 thing to do every day towards the purpose and longings God gently placed in my heart , such as researching, composing, teaching etc for me personally.

However let’s be honest about this process: It’s not simple and easy to habitually do the “beneficial things” in your daily course. As soon as we try to develop habits that can bring us closer to God, glorify God, or support us in holiness, we find anopposing force. The “destructive things” seem to get a handle of us so quickly, but aim to do something constructive and you have a struggle to deal with – withthe devil as well as your own “flesh”.

If you’re finding yourself in the death grip of food related struggles you would probably feel totally unable to consistently exercise or eat healthy. A number of challenges might be obstructing your capacity to move forward and when you try to put certain habits in place it can feel undoable. Believe it or not, attempting to “pull yourself together” or counting on will-power can possibly push you deeper into an an abyss of despair. I suggest that you acquire guidance from either a doctor and Christian counselor to to assist you to take care of the main factors that are generally physical, emotional and spiritual. Once you receive healing from past pain and find out how to handle your current connections and predicaments you will see that you can also grow to be consistent in the places where you at this time primarily experience failure.

Having said that, even if you’re not able to put any long-lasting habits in place this very minute, you can do a specific thing constantly: SURRENDER to God. This particular surrender which I speak of is actually simple: Release control and start asking God every day to assist you in your quest to get healthy.

Please take my word for this: If you want to give up over-eating or binge eating, you should get off the “control train”.

To sum it all up: we ought to have CONSISTENCY if we want to put a stop to overeating, stop binge eating, and get rid of bulimia once for all. However even more so we have to consistently SURRENDER how we live to God to be able to notice any permanent transformations!

Please have a look at this online program for women with serious food struggles with teaching videos to help ladies break free from Food related struggles if you need to make consistency and surrender part of your life.

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