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Weight Loss and Breakfast

8/19 11:13:13

Most people think that if they skip breakfast, it will help them lose weight. Actually, the opposite occurs. If you deprive your body of food in the morning, it will shift into starvation mode and burn fewer calories, resulting in a slower metabolism.

Make sure you eat a protein-packed breakfast within one hour of rising. This will jump-start your metabolism and put it in hyper-drive for the next three hours. The best breakfast contains protein and complex carbs like oatmeal and/or other whole grains.

There is a direct link between eating breakfast and successful weight loss. Those who eat breakfast eat fewer calories throughout the rest of the day, have better nutritional habits, and generally weigh less.

The secret to successful weight loss is to get your metabolism revved up first thing in the morning. The only way to do that is to eat a healthy breakfast. Not only does skipping breakfast lower metabolic rate, it lowers blood sugar levels, resulting in a lack of energy.

Low blood sugar levels generally lead to feeling very hungry and overeating and snacking during the rest of the day. Eating breakfast eliminates that feeling and decreases the risk for overeating during the day.

There are many excuses that people use to skip breakfast. The two most common excuses are not enough time to eat and eating first thing in the morning upsets your stomach. If either of these two excuses belongs to you, consider the following tips:


+If time is truly an issue for you (if you cannot rise earlier in the morning), eat something that does not require any time to prepare. Drink a glass of orange juice, eat a piece of fruit or eat a container of yogurt. There is always SOMETHING you can pick up and eat quickly. Remember, anything is better than nothing.

+Prepare your breakfast the night before. If you are going to have a bowel of cereal, lay out your bowl, the box of cereal and your spoon. The same rule applies for eating toast, oatmeal, etc. Have everything ready that is possible to have ready.

+Pack it up and take it with you. Drink some juice at home and put some toast or cereal in a container and take it with you to work or keep breakfast food in your drawer at work.


+If eating breakfast makes you sick to your stomach, find something you CAN stomach or get up earlier and wait awhile before you try to eat.

+Eat a plain bagel or a plain piece of toast, both bland enough that they will not upset your tummy.

+If you love peanut butter sandwiches, have one on whole wheat bread for breakfast. It has protein and whole grains, a good, healthy combination.

+Eat some yogurt. Yogurt is very good for you and should not upset your tummy.

+If you really cannot find something that does not upset your stomach, try some cheese crackers. They are not the best choice but they will keep you from starving yourself.

+If you are not hungry in the morning or food upsets you, perhaps you are eating too much at night. Eating sugar-laden foods are terribly unhealthy and can upset your system, making it very difficult to eat breakfast the following morning.

+If you must eat at night, try eating a piece of fruit, a yogurt, or a warm cup of milk flavored with chocolate. Try this and see if it helps you the next morning.

Eating breakfast is about getting your metabolism revved up and starting your day in a healthy manner. You will lose weight easier and your body will thank you. Once you are used to eating breakfast, you will wonder why you did not do so earlier.
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