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The Quickest Fix For Belly Fat Women

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Belly fat is not caused by overeating, and dieting any kind of dieting won't burn it off, even ninety crunches a day won't burn it off, but this will..

Eliminate Belly Fat

Your belly fat is not caused by overeating, therefore there is no such a thing as a belly fat diet to burn off the belly fat. And the quickest way to lose belly fat has nothing to do with any kind of belly fat exercise.

Of course, there are belly fat women and belly fat men, who are indeed skinny and underweight and are baffled to no end, with no clue of how to eliminate belly fat easily. Because what causes belly fat has as it's core your adrenal fatigue as a result of weakened adrenal glands.

What causes belly fat is years of everyday stress depleting your adrenal glands of the hormones that keep your body naturally toned. In the absence of these hormones, your waistline thickens, your muscle tone deteriorates or worsens and you do often feel tired. Sounds familiar, isn't it? Then stop starving yourself to death and begin to effectively and naturally address the real culprit, your weakened adrenal glands or adrenal fatigue.

How To Loose Belly Fat.

The best way to lose belly fat is to reduce the workload of your adrenals and support the glands nutritionally to the point where they can produce adequate amounts of their natural hormones, hence the connection between hormones and belly fat. Be aware that most medical doctors are in the dark on this subject, not aware that a decrease in adrenal function is a critical problem, and not until you have a complete lack of function as in Addison's disease, do medical doctors wake up to the relevant facts, very very disease oriented wouldn't you say?

It is precisely during the time interval or period of declining adrenal function that people begin to experience so many seemingly unrelated problems, as for instance, the accumulation of abdominal fat or call it belly fat and even diabetes.

The adrenal glands are naturally tasked with producing several different hormones, and your attempt at replacing them individually is the equivalent of looking at the world through a window instead of being on the roof top.

One of the hormones produced by the adrenals is DHEA. In part, the decline of DHEA levels in your body is a natural process as you age. And that decline is often accelerated via additional burdens placed on the adrenals, such as added stress, excess alcohol and manufactured tobacco, refined sugars and the deadly artificial sweeteners, a variety of pharmaceutical drugs, chronic infections and toxins. Do not, repeating, do not take DHEA except under supervision of a health care (not sick care) professional. Right here, mention needs to be made that natural Immunocal is an anti-aging miracle.

If you neglect proper natural nutrition in preference of convenient processed foods, that is your choice, and catches up with you sooner or later as your various hormones levels take a tumble over time, and adding to the problem of insulin resistance and the accumulation of belly fat.

Foods That Reduce Belly Fat

Eliminate belly fat by nutritionally strengthening your weakened adrenal glands back to normal proper function, by taking additional vitamin C beyond recommended label dosage (RDA). The RDA as it is, is deliberately set too low,so you achieve almost no benefits. Also take vitamin B-complex of the highest potency, usually labeled as Stress B-Complex, wherein pantothenic acid and the B6 are of very high potency.

Eating natural nutritional smaller and frequent meals is called for as is throwing out refined sugars, the wicked artificial sweeteners, and reduce alcohol consumption. If you must have something sweet, have you never heard of honey, stevia or natural unrefined sugar all available at a natural food store or farmers market in your neck of the woods?.

Naturally Lose Belly Fat.

One of the quickest way to lose belly fat is to quickly strengthen your adrenal glands, by supplementing your nutrition with a good quality adrenal Glandular. The best thus far available has a recommended dosage of chewing one tablet three times a day. Best results however,from experience, are quickly obtained by chewing half a tablet six times a day on an empty stomach

Very often improvement will be apparent in the first day or two, feeling better and better provided a proper nutritious diet and the vitamins are taken. Within a month, you will naturally lose belly fat. This is definitely one of the best way to lose belly fat.

Lose Belly Fat Easily.

An excellent belly fat burner is the best glandular extract called Drenamin, and is not sold in any stores or the internet. You can get it by calling the manufacturer directly, who will not sell it to you but refer you to a health care professional to be able to get it.

In case your gland no longer functions, hormones might be the solution. Very often however, specific nutrients and glandular supplements do solve the problem. You ought to know that once the gland has been strengthened and allowed to function as nature intended, the need for special supplements is over, but never lose sight of natural and proper nutrition.

However,using hormones should only be a last resort effort, because hormones need to be taken on a continuous basis and long term use can possibly leave the gland dependent on hormone replacement therapy, and that is not an enviable option.
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