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Lose Belly Fat to Look Better and Live Longer

11/30 9:22:23
Unwanted fat can develop anywhere on the human body such as legs, arms, chin, etc. However for most the unwanted fat shows up in the midsection, giving them unwanted belly fat. "How to lose belly fat?" is probably one of the most popular questions that I get asked all the time. This unwanted belly fat can easily destroy the appearance of anyone's body. Many people hate their abdominal fat because it makes them very self concise uncomfortable about their body.

However, new research has showed us that losing belly fat has a lot more then just aesthetic benefits to it. What many people don't know is that having excess belly fat is much more than an issue of beauty. Science has clearly demonstrated that having excess belly fat is a much bigger danger to your health than having excess fat anywhere else on your body.

If you are living with excess belly fat, you are more at risk to serious health problems. Some of the risks include:

*Heart disease


*Some types of cancer

*Type 2 diabetes

*Insulin resistance

The past couple years scientists have been researching extensively why individuals with excess belly fat have such frequent cases of these life threatening diseases.

There are two types of belly fat. Subcutaneous belly fat is a more superficial layer of fat that is located in between the skin and the abdominal muscles. This is the belly fat that is easy to pinch and is most likely responsibly for giving you that unattractive flabby tummy look. Visceral belly fat is located much deeper and is inside the abdominal cavity, crammed between internal organs. Because visceral belly fat sits so much deeper than subcutaneous belly fat, it may feel somewhat more firm. Even though visceral belly fat is stored deeper in the body, having an excess of it will still cause your abdomen to stick out, look bloated, and give you that unattractive pot belly look which so many people struggle with.

Both visceral and subcutaneous stomach fat are definitely undesirable, but it is the visceral belly fat that is metabolically active and puts the individual at major health risks. So if you are concerned with your health as much as your appearance, you should make losing this fat one of your main priorities.

Although visceral belly fat is very difficult to lose, it can be reduced effectively with a proper fat loss program that concentrates on this hard to lose belly fat. A good fat loss program will make you lose both visceral and subcutaneous belly fat.

Buyer must beware because there is a large number how to lose belly fat scams out there on the market today. From crazy infomercial abs machines to useless and sometimes even deadly fat loss pills, which you don't want to mess around with. If you are smart you will forget about them, and save the money for a new swimsuit when you finally lose the stubborn belly fat for good.

The only way to lose the belly fat effectively is to combine a strategic diet plan with a proper exercise program. Losing belly fat doesn't always have to mean working hard, but it's more about working smarter.

The diet program must be one that effectively stabilizes and balances your hormone levels. You can accomplish this by eating the right combination of low GI vegetables and fruits, lean proteins, and natural healthy fats. Eating every 2-4 hours will also help to stabilizes and balances hormone levels.

The right workout program is also very important to effectively and quickly lose belly fat. Many individuals make a mistake in their belly fat loss journey by just doing an old standard cookie cutter cardio and weight training program. This is usually not the best way to go about losing belly fat.

For your workout program to be effective at burning belly fat, it needs to stimulate the necessary fat burning hormones capable of burning stubborn belly fat. These hormones include thyroid, GH, testosterone, and epinephrine. The best way to do this is to follow some of these workout guidelines:

-Less is more. Keep you workout short but intense. Never go over 90 minutes. Going over 90 minutes may actually have the opposite of what you are trying to achieve.

-When weight training keep your rests between sets and exercises as short as possible.

-Do exercise that burn the most fat. The most effective exercises are ones where your body will be forced to activate multiple muscles, and with your body doing the majority of the stabilizing and balancing work rather than having a machine do the stabilizing and balancing work for you. You also want to use exercises where the body moves in natural motion, which is why many of the weight machines are not the best way to go.

By following these few simple guidelines you will start to lose your stubborn belly fat fast.
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