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How to Lose Belly Fat the Easy and Natural Way

11/30 9:21:30
Can there be a surprisingly simple and healthy method to lose belly fat without need of strapping yourself to a treadmill and subjecting yourself to a diet regime of greens and Evian water? If you're sick of disproportionate belly fat and if it's time for a lean, sexy midsection, and you'd rather not waste an hour every day sweating through abs exercises, the following insight will set you free...

If you want to Lose Belly Fat, Lose the Ab Exercises

You'll find TV ads for products and programs which were created to get you that a "ripped abs" look by subjecting you to eons of abdominal activities. However a person cannot actually lose belly fat by doing a lot of ab drills.

I used to do 500 sit ups a day, then 500 leg raises, then 500 twists...none of it helped me to lose belly fat. In fact, few people realize that those people in the commercials for products like "eight minute abs" aren't people who have used the product to get the abs they have.

However, they ARE actors who live by simple weight loss plans that happen to be designed to help them attain those chiseled abs. This reminds me of that outdated ad for that electric shaver in which didn't even use the product, but a hand razor instead. So then, would you like to discover what these models do to lose belly fat and create the chiseled look? It's all about recognizing what causes tummy fat...

Ways to Lose Belly Fat

Whenever your body sheds unwanted fat, it does not pick a selected region to start with and hours of ab exercises won't change that. The truth is, as you aim to lose belly fat, your body is more likely to keep that fat unless the body has no more to let go of. You must first consider what causes one to accumulate belly fat. The primary cause problems with the cortisol hormone. The cortisol hormone is a steroid hormone which controls your metabolism, and as this hormone gets out of balance, it causes your body to store fat around the belly.

Assuming that your cortisol hormone is out of balance, your body will keep accumulating belly fat. If you hope to lose belly fat, you need to know just what changes in lifestyle will balance your cortisol levels. The leading cause, believe it or not, is stress and anxiety. Nevertheless, there are other things for example the types of foods that you consume. Regardless, you can do a lot to lose belly fat, with a low stress diet.

So lose the sit ups, and I'll bet that alone will be a big relief and a first step towards losing belly fat.
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