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How to Lose Belly Fat Without Wearing Yourself Out in the Gym

11/30 9:21:30
Could there really be a painless and healthy way to lose belly fat without any nailing yourself to a treadmill and reducing yourself to a diet regime of greens and mineral water? If you're tired of obnoxious belly fat and if you'd rather have a sexy and thin midsection, and you'd rather not waste 90 minutes every single day performing ab work, this information will be a BIG relief...

The way to Lose Belly Fat, Lose Ab Workouts

You'll find TV ads for solutions which are made to help you build that "six pack" look by way of eons of abdominal training. What many people don't realize is that a person will not actually lose belly fat by suffering lot of ab training. There was a time when I did 30 minutes of sit ups a day, hundreds of leg raises, then 500 twists...none of this helped me to lose belly fat. The fact is that, few of us understand that individuals in the commercials for routines like "eight minute abs" are not regular people who have gotten their abs by using the product.

What most of us don't realize is that they are actors who use special eating and working out plans that are meant to help them to attain those rock hard bodies. This kind of makes me think of that outdated TV ad for the electric razor when they had the actor prepare for the commercial by shaving with a regular blade. So then, would you like to find out what those models do to lose belly fat and create a rock hard look? It comes down to understanding what causes tummy fat...

The Secret for you to Lose Belly Fat

Whenever your body gets rid of extra fat, it does not take it away from any one place to start with and no amount of ab exercise will change that. In all reality, as you try to lose belly fat, your body is inclined to keep abdominal fat up until when the body has no more to get rid of. It is important to first find out what causes belly fat to accumulate. The primary cause having an out of whack cortisol level. The cortisol hormone is a steroid hormone which the adrenal gland produces, and as soon as cortisol gets out of balance, increased belly fat is sure to come next.

As long as the cortisol hormone is out of whack, your body will keep holding onto belly fat. So to lose belly fat, you need to find out just what changes in lifestyle will keep your cortisol levels normal. The leading cause, actually, is stress. Certainly, there are other causes which include the kinds of foods which you consume. Even so, you can do a lot to lose belly fat, by means of developing a low stress diet.

Thus lose the sit ups and crunches, and I'm sure that will be a sizable weight lifted off of your shoulders in your attempt to succeed in losing belly fat.
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