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Lose Belly Fat In 5 Easy Steps

11/30 9:21:21
Tired of the 'excess baggage' that you have to carry around with you? Maybe it's just the right time to lose that gross belly fat for good. You do not need to hire a personal trainer to tell you what to do to lose that belly fat. You can spare yourself from visits to the gym, just by learning how to lose belly fat in 5 easy steps.

#1 Set Your Target

Creating proper goals can help you lose belly fat. The first step is to get very clear as to why you want to lose belly fat. Write down your reasons clearly on a piece of paper, and keep the piece of paper with you in your wallet or purse for you to look at throughout the day. Make a long-term promise to yourself, because the truth is, you're probably going to have to work a little to all of that extra hard to lose belly fat.

#2 Eating Right

If you want to lose belly fat, you have to learn to watch how much you eat. Consume smaller meals more often and eat once every 3 to 4 hours. Just ensure that your meal portions are reasonable in size, not too large. Eat foods that are high in complex carbs and low in fat. Replace snacks with vegetables and fruits instead as they provide ample supply of vitamins, fiber and minerals that helps to meet up the body requirement. If your body have sufficient supply of these, than you are most likely to eat less.

#3 Time to Sweat

It's a lot harder to achieve a flatter tummy just by lazing around. Some physical activity is required if you want to lose belly fat fast. Choose something that you enjoy doing so that exercising seems less painful. If the idea of running on a treadmill doesn't sound like a nice idea, than how about a nice peaceful walk in the park? Give yourself 30-45 minutes 3 days a week. This will increase your metabolism and your body will get a chance to burn away the belly fat faster.

#4 Drink plenty of water

Drinking enough water can actually help you to lose weight. It takes energy to process the water, and more energy expended equals more fat lost. In addition, toxins will get flushed out of your body and this may increase your metabolism rate and make it harder for the belly to accumulate fat.

#5 Breakfast, a Must

Those who wish to lose fat might be thinking that by limiting themselves to eat only certain meals during the day would allow them to have a better figure. But the truth is that by skipping meals, you will end up looking larger than your initial figure. So, don't even think of skipping breakfast. If you do so, you may feel "starved" and be more prone to overeat later in the day. Breakfast provides the right amount of energy that is needed for the body. A good breakfast can help to keep you full and hence aid in energy level maintenance.
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