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How to Lose Male Belly Fat Naturally

11/30 9:21:19
Belly fat or abdominal fat is unhealthy and is unpleasant to look at. It is important to know how to lose male belly fat as it can cause illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, sleep apnea, cancer and diabetes. There are natural methods to lose belly fat in men and these do not have side effects.

The first natural method is to avoid alcohol such as beer. This causes bloating and has empty calories. Soda and colas also have alcohol in them. This can be replaced by water, tea and plain coffee. When the intake of these calories is reduced, excess belly fat will be eliminated the natural way.

Apple cider vinegar has properties that treat many conditions that include diabetes, yeast infections, digestion and sore throats. It can also remove belly fat, enhance total weight loss, reduce appetite and quicken metabolism. Slowly drinking a mixture of two teaspoons of pure apple vinegar cider and a tall glass of water is a way on how to lose male belly fast. This should be taken thrice a day before eating a meal.

When men take in too much calories and are not burned through physical activity, belly fat will form. It should be remembered that fat starts in the kitchen and stops in the gym. Exercise is important to burn calories taken in and fats stored in the body. Foods that should be avoided are processed foods as these are full of carbohydrates and sodium that encourages fat buildup. Such type of food must be replaced with fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken and lean meat.

Fiber should be a part of one's diet and this is found in foods like salad, broccoli and papaya. Taking these regularly will calm the appetite thus calorie intake will be lessened. Carbonated sodas should be avoided and instead should be replaced with green tea. The properties in this kind of tea speed up metabolism and control the appetite. Drinking green tea four times a day will make male belly fat go away.

Carbohydrates should be decreased while protein should be increased in losing belly fat. Foods that are rich in protein are turkey, eggs and chicken. Foods rich in carbohydrates are rice and bread. These should be replaced with salads and vegetables. Carbohydrates stimulate insulin thus contributing to belly fat.

People should not be deceived as calories are important for the body in order to be energetic. Thus if the body does not move, the calories stay stuck in the body as fat cells, especially in the midsection. In order to lessen the fat cells in the midsection, it is important to exercise to speed up the metabolism rates.

A twenty-minute of exercise such as jogging, walking and aerobics will make one lose belly fat as the fat cells become active and give energy to the body. This will also heighten the heart rate thus heart diseases can be avoided. It is best to ask a doctor first before beginning any exercise program.

There are many chemical-based medications to lose belly fat but this can have side effects. When one knows how to lose male belly fat the natural way, he will surely see such fat melting way.
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