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The Myths Of How To Lose Belly Fat

11/30 9:21:08
There are a lot of myths about how to best lose belly fat. They are mostly based around the concept that it's possible to "pinpoint" fat on the body in one way or another. This premise is flawed because it's actually impossible to pinpoint fat on any part of the body.

The truth is that the body holds onto fat in different places because of genetics and there's nothing any exercise, diet, or diet pill can do about that. If you happen to be someone who holds onto their fat in their midsection after you've lost it everywhere else then there's nothing you can do about that. That's the way your genetics are. You have an "apple" shape.

Likewise some other people hold onto their fat in their thighs ("pear shape") and still others hold onto it all over their bodies equally. The key is understanding that regardless of your body shape, there's nothing you can do about that. It's a basic part of your genetic code just like what color your hair is or what color your eyes are. But unfortunately in this case hair dye and colored contacts won't do anything to change it!

So does that mean you can't get rid of your belly fat? Of course not! It just means you need to change the way you think about it. Stop thinking about pinpointing your belly fat with ab exercise machines (this is a scam industry) or special "belly fat diet pills" or any other such ridiculous approach. Doing thousands of sit-ups or crunches will not make a dent on your stomach fat.

So what's the correct approach for losing belly fat? Lower your overall body fat percentage (this concept also goes for those who want to lose thigh fat.)

You must give your body no choice of where to store your excess fat. The only way to accomplish this is by not having any excess fat in the first place. Hopefully you already see where this is leading, the key to losing your belly fat is nothing mysterious at all. The key is simply starting a diet that helps you to burn fat as fast as possible and that you can stick with all the way until you reach your goal (which should be to lower your body fat percentage down to the point where you are at a healthy body weight.)

The best diet to start for burning fat fast is one which boosts your metabolism. A breakthrough concept in boosting metabolism is that of a "calorie spike." What does that mean? Basically that you can eat whatever you want for one day a week in order to trick your body into thinking you are actually getting too many calories thus it boosts your metabolism and you burn fat faster.

Of course it's key that you do the right things on the other six days of the week to take advantage of this boosted metabolism. It is my recommendation that you choose a diet which has an easy to follow "green light foods" system so that you are not counting calories or keeping track of a food diary. Those things will make following your diet too hard and you'll never be able to stick with it. Remember a diet is only worth starting if you are also planning on finishing it!
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