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Easier to Lose Belly Fat Than You Thought

11/30 9:21:07
Being able to lose belly fat is the prime goal for anyone thinking about dieting or exercising. Even if weight loss isn't a concern, that ever-present belly fat causes people the most grief. The biggest reason for this is that once you're successful in losing it, it's the easiest sign to see that your fitness program is working. People notice ripped abs and the lack of a gut or pot belly most likely before they notice any other signs that you're getting fit (eg. muscle tone, etc).

And there are tons of books, diets and programs that play on this preference to lose belly fat before anything else. Mainly they just target people who'll buy anything because they're more desperate than motivated. Most often you'll see some sort of results if you pretty much commit your lfie to them. It's often uncomfortable and inconvenient, and the results are short-lived. Probably the biggest fad out there marketed to the lose belly fat crowd is this series of ab-cruncher type exercise devices you use at home.

Devices like these promise to "target" or let you "spot reduce" your belly fat, when in fact there's no such thing. Oh, sure, you can exercise those muscles, but having ripped abs and being able to lose belly fat only happen when you do an overall body fat reduction. You get this from a serie, and that only comes by following a specific diet plan designed to cut the fat, and a combination of exercises. Gyms are cheap. Even in peak times a year, they know people will pour in the doors and they feel it's the price to pay to get in shape. So if you're going to jump into a major fitness regimen to lose belly fat, and you're coming out of a seriously slack, lazy lifestyle, you definitely want to see your doctor first.

Body types, weights, sizes, and nutrition are all different, you can most likely get some great individualized advice on how you can transition to a hardcore program to lose belly fat, without any muscle damage or health risks. If you really want to lose belly fat, it's important to take a serious look at what's wrong with your life. Is everything right where you want it to be? It's easy to say "no", and things really can be another way. But the other 98% of people out there can say "no" also, but don't have what it takes to make that change.

This doesn't have to be you. There are only a few obstacles that really get in your way when you're trying to lose belly fat, and we've all been there. We put things off, and we lose motivation, thinking we need a "workout buddy" or someone similar to really get things done. So keep your head clear, be honest with yourself about what yuo really want out of your life, and focus on today rather than tomorrow, and you'll be well on your way to lose belly fat.
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