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How To Burn Lower Belly Fat - 2 Effective Methods

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A lower belly paunch can make you extremely uncomfortable if you're getting ready for the summer. The thought of that roll of fat peeking over the top of your bathing suit bottom can be enough to discourage you from showing up at the pool or beach entirely! And aside from being unattractive, lower tummy fat is unhealthy and letting it stay there can lead to a number of health problems. It's possible to get rid of the bulge however, so here are some tips on how to burn lower belly fat.

How to Burn Lower Belly Fat with the Right Diet

What you eat and how you eat it plays an important role in the build-up of unwanted fat in your body. If you're looking to burn lower stomach fat, it's the simple truth that you'll have to reduce the amount of calories you intake. Aim to cut down 500 calories from your daily diet, but do not overdo it. Far from helping you lose lower belly fat, eating too little will make your body go into starvation mode, shutting down your metabolism and slowing down the burning of fat already existing.

Instead of not eating, stay away from empty calories, like the sort you get from starchy snack foods and sugary drinks. Munch on unprocessed snacks instead, like carrot or fruit slices, but avoid fruit juice because that stuff is full of empty sugar. High-fiber foods, like whole-wheat bread, are always a good option if you aim to lose lower stomach fat, and you can't go wrong when you pair them with a good protein source and fresh fruits and vegetables. Part of how to lose lower belly fat is how you eat: eat constantly, with two to three hours between each meal. This will keep your metabolism up and reduce the chance that you will have binge-inducing cravings.

Exercises to Help Burn Lower Belly Fat

Burning lower stomach fat cannot be accomplished by diet alone. You'll have to match your careful eating habits with an exercise routine that reduces fat throughout your body, as well as burning lower belly fat. The best choice for this is a cardiovascular exercise that uses your entire body. Consider jogging or walking briskly around your neighborhood for at least thirty minutes every morning. Kick boxing and stair climbing are also options, or you could try dance classes. Or if you'd rather stay at home, find a fun exercise video to work out to.

Incorporate moves in your workout that will help define your lower abs as you lose lower stomach fat. These include lying leg lifts, scissor crunches, hanging leg-hip raises, and reverse crunches. Remember that you must be consistent when you exercise. Pick a time of day, and stick to it. If for some reason you can't exercise daily, go through your routine at least three times a week. Combined with persistence, determination and patience, your dieting and exercise should help you burn lower tummy fat in a matter of weeks.
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