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How To Lose Belly Fat Permanently

11/30 9:20:39
p>About half the world is cribbing over the demon named “belly fat” that just does not want to leave them alone. It is a source of constant headache for many. So let’s explore some of the ways by which we can lose this stubborn fat off our bellies.

Where does belly fat come from?

Before the question comes up, ‘how to remove belly fat’, we should ask, why do we have it in the first place? A teenager’s lifestyle consists of hours of sitting in front of the computer and playing, chatting or watching movies or maybe watching television along with fatty foods, catching up with friends on the phone that is hour long conversations sitting in one place thus leading to increase in fat. Also most of the office goers are working in a sitting position for hours giving rise to the evil belly fat!

#Way 1

To start off, we should begin by walking. Taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking to our destination if it’s not too far or simply going up and down the stairs during break or when one is free. This simple task daily can get you started on losing those extra pounds.

#Way 2

Eliminating all the harmful fatty foods from our diet and taking on healthy and nutritious food. A well planned diet and a strong will to not give up on it is what we need to get that perfect belly!

#Way 3

Crunches can be a direct answer to ‘how to burn belly fat’. Crunches, side crunches, twist crunches, vertical leg crunches and reverse crunches, all of these puts direct pressure on the belly thus enabling the fat to burn off. It may be gruel some but the effect sure shows!

#Way 4

Enrolling yourself in a yoga class or joining your nearest swimming club will help keep sacrifice those pounds! For the ones absolutely unwilling to do crunches, the answer to “how to reduce belly fat’ would be taking up one of these. Yoga classes are usually held 12 to 15 days a month and both yoga and swimming helps in relaxation, stress removal as well as burning the extra fat! What more can one want? It’s a three benefit way!

For those absolute lazy ones or for the ones who really have no time to spare on these activities, jogging intensely for half an hour can be an answer to how to lose belly fat.
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