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The 3 Best Ways To Lose Belly Fat And Get A Six Pack

11/30 9:20:22
Have you gained more weight due to poor nutrition and a lack of daily exercise? If so, you've come to the right place. Let me tell you about these 3 important areas of how to lose belly fat below.

The only way to lose belly fat is lose weight over the entire body. While you may see a large amount of fat accumulate around the belly, it is still added and lost over the entire system and not just in one spot.

To lose around 15-20 pounds in 2 Months you are going to need to use a three-pronged approach.

1) Cardio Work

2) Resistance Training

3) Nutrition

The first point is Cardio. Cardio is also called cardiovascular work and aerobic exercise. This includes anything that elevates your heart rate. If you are strictly after losing weight then the more you can do without overtraining the better. Every minute you spend with an elevated heart rate will increase the amount of calories your body is burning during that time. Half an hour to an hour a day of walking, jogging, skipping, aerobic class, elliptical, will all have a great impact not only on how much belly fat you lose but your mood for the day.

The second point is resistance training or anaerobic training. This includes weight training in a general whole body fashion as well as specific abdominal workouts if your abdominal muscle are week or so small that there is no groove between them when you feel around under the fat with your fingers.

Resistance training also includes bodyweight training and anything else that makes your muscular system experience a higher stress than normal so that it adapts and ads muscle as a means of copping with the work.

Not only does weight training burn calories while you do it but the more muscle you add the more calories you burn at rest. On top of that, the training also elevates your metabolism for several hours after the training itself.

The third point is nutrition. While a lot of people will mention calories first in the equation, I believe your food choices to be of much more importance.

If you choose unprocessed and chemical free foods, you body will have a very easy time processing and eliminating wastes from your body. Keeping your system clean means that you get more nutrients from your food as well as avoiding a toxic bodily environment that puts extra workload on your body.

Your body has to detoxify what is already in the system before it can burn off even more fat that contains environmental pollutants, food additives and toxic chemicals that are already stored in your fat cells.

Worry first about food choice before you start crunching numbers and you probably won't even have to count calories. None of my clients have to once they start eating clean on a regular basis.

That is the low down, 100-mile view of how to lose belly fat. If you simply do those steps, you don't even need to know the specifics of sets, reps, minutes worth of cardio or the amount of calories you should be eating. Simply doing those three things in any fashion will start you on the path of losing 1-2 pounds of belly fat a week.
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