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Ways to exercise for belly fat

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Dedication and rigorous workouts are the rule when trying to get rid of belly fat. You must do special exercise for belly fat that concentrates on the abdominal portion alone to get them removed.

V crunches

This is one of the best known exercises for belly fat. Lie on an exercise mat on your back with palms facing downward, near your hips. Your head and feet should be around two inches off the mat, while the rest of your body maintains contact with the mat.

The hands must be close to your legs and palms pressing the mat. From here, slowly and with effort simultaneously raise your legs and your upper body. A good V crunch shows a 90 degree angle between the knees and legs.

When performed properly you will be creating a V shape with your legs, thus the "V" crunch. An 8-12 crunches daily will burn down the fat deposited at the belly, making it flat in less than a month's time.


This is another exercise for belly fat. Lie on your back, with feet on the floor and knees pointed up. Inhale fresh air and hold it for a couple of seconds before exhaling. This would ensure proper oxygen supply before this particular exercise. Raise your upper body from the floor bring it upwards towards the knees. Then slowly return to the original position.

This exercise for belly fat is very effective. Perform at least three sets with 10 crunches each for fast belly fat loss.

Ball crunches

The exercise demands a stability ball which is easily available on any exercise accessories store or you could find one in your gym. You begin by sitting on the ball as you do on a chair.

Keeping the feet unmoved on the floor, and your hands at the back of your head, you should bring you upper back to lie across the ball, before bringing it up again, just as you do in situps.

Crab abs position

Lie on a flat floor and relax. Raise your legs slowly and bend at the knees giving a ninety degree angle. Hands should be held firmly, behind your head and elbows should be pointed out. The exercise involves moving the elbows and the toes in such a way as to try and make contact with each other. Try a few crunches on your right side and repeat also on the left side.

You can perform these exercises either within your home or by engaging in an hourly visit to the gymnasium. If you are not used to exercise for belly fat, the initial days will be rough on you, but with patience, you will be able to master these crunches.
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