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Losing Belly Fat Quickly

11/30 9:20:14
The real key to losing belly fat is not abdominal exercise and it's not even a guide like All Star Abs (although that is recommended.) The real key is starting a diet plan that boosts your metabolism and that you can stick with until you reach your goal.

Why is that? Because a good looking stomach isn't made in the gym, it's made in the kitchen. What that means is that your diet is far more important to losing your belly fat than ab exercise ever will be.

The truth is you cannot pinpoint stomach region fat through abdominal exercises like those TV advertisements for ab exercise machines would lead you to believe because that's just not how the body works. Instead you must lower your body's overall body fat percentage until all of your excess belly fat melts away.

The Day Off Diet plan is particularly well suited for helping you to lose belly fat fast because of the way it boosts your metabolism with a weekly "day off" which causes what is known as a "calorie spike." This calorie spike tricks your body into thinking it's actually getting too many calories so that it boosts your metabolism so you burn fat faster.

Another factor that's really important is sticking with your diet until you reach your final goal. Most people don't consider that and they start a diet that is extremely difficult to stick with (such as a low calorie diet or a diet which requires you to count all of your calories.)

A diet doesn't do you any good at all unless you stick it out until the end. In fact it probably does more harm than good in that situation.

Another important consideration should be strength training exercise. Not enough people realize the power of adding muscle to their bodies for burning excess fat. Each pound of muscle that is added to the body burns an additional 50 calories a day (even if the body is entirely at rest.)

The strength training factor is another big plus for The Day Off Diet program because it actually comes with a great free strength training EBook which includes some extremely effective advice on how to build muscle fast with the least amount of time spent working out.
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