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Remove Belly Fat Quickly Faster Than Anyone Else

11/30 9:20:13
Trying remove belly fat is not a tough thing to do, though it can seem that way if you are trying to go about it the wrong way. This will teach you how to remove belly fat without jumping on the next crazy diet bandwagon.

How to Remove Belly Fat

#1 Thing to Do: Avoid using an "extreme" diet

An example of this is a "starvation" diet. A starvation diet is basically depriving your self of food so that it helps you lose weight. A lot of people eat only one meal a day and keep this up consistently. The only thing that this will do is "down regulate" your metabolism and make your body not burn as many calories. You may lose some belly fat but in the long run you will lose muscle mass and possibly even gain weight.

A better alternative to the starvation diet is to try eating 5-6 smaller meals in a day. Make each meal consist of protein, fruit, and vegetables. When you do this, you will be eating so often that it will prevent sharp spikes in your blood sugar and you will not feel hungry.

High quality protein is a key factor in helping you remove belly fat because it requires a large amount of energy to digest it. High quality proteins to include in your diet are things like chicken, turkey, fish, tuna, etc.

Fruits and vegetables have a lot of nutritional value, vitamins and minerals. These will also help you lose weight because they are not very calorie dense, which means you can eat more food and still not take in a significant amount of calories.

Tip #2 - Really push yourself when you workout!

You need to have challenging workouts if you want to remove your belly fat as quickly as possible. Challenging yourself with more intense workouts will elevate your metabolism and will have you burning calories long after you are done your workout.

Try this workout:
12 bodyweight squats
15 dumbbell swings
12 pushups

When you do the workout in the same order with the exact reps, you have done one "round". Try doing as many rounds as you can in 10 minutes and only rest when you need to!

Tip 3 - Replace your current cardio routine with a shorter and more intense method of cardio

Interval training, which is similar to circuit training, will help you remove belly fat because it boosts your metabolism so you are still burning calories long after you are done working out. Interval training alternates back and for the between high and low intensities in a specific way. For example, you might go 90 seconds slow, then 30 seconds really fast, then repeat.

This is what makes it different from slow cardio. The short bursts of high intensity (30 seconds of really pushing it) will get you out of your comfort zone. If you work hard enough, you will still be burning calories for hours after you are done.

Impacting your resting metabolism is a great way for you to remove belly fat with exercise, especially if you combine it with a healthy diet such as the one listed above.
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