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Herbal Remedies To Lose Excess Belly Fat Naturally

11/30 9:20:12
Increase in bodyweight due to deposition of excess fat on body organs causes long term damage to its functioning. Overweight problem can lower the person's self-esteem, raise the risk of heart attack and is also linked to medical conditions such as diabetes.

Recent studies on endocrines flow and fat depositions on body organs were conducted by leading medical research laboratories where the researchers found a link that connected imbalance of endocrines to body fat depositions. Studies have found that the accumulation of fat around the abdomen and deeper tissues of the belly i.e. the deposition of visceral fat can affect the immune system and this can indirectly raise risk of life threatening diseases. For example- the release of cytokines - interleukin-6 and certain chemicals increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It can cause imbalance in the blood pressure, insulin flow and can affect the blood clotting property. So it is very important for a person suffering from obesity to take steps to lose excess belly fat fast.

The fat that is accumulated on the thighs and back can be monitored effectively by doing simple exercises and by regulating eating habits but the fat which is located on the waist can be difficult to get rid-off. It is normally assumed that the problem of weight gain is caused due to aging but aging induces changes in body which can have long term harmful effects and these aging related changes can be controlled by taking natural cures to lose excess belly fat. The accumulation of visceral fat happens due to improper metabolism and the deposits of visceral fat can enter the portal vein to effect the functioning of liver and effect the production of lipids. This is directly linked to the various serum factors such as total cholesterol, bad cholesterol or LDL, HDL and insulin resistance. In such conditions, it is not just important to lose excess belly fat but the imbalance in the functioning of liver and related digestive organs should be corrected.

Herbs can help in regulating metabolism. Herbal remedies to lose belly fat such as InstaSlim capsules can restrict absorption of fat into the body system. Samudra Shosh is one of the ingredients of the remedy. It has anti-obesity effects and it can be found in many herbal remedies to lose belly fat. The research on the herb conducted on laboratory rats showed when it was given to rats for 42 days, the weight of rats reduced significantly. The herb inhibited accumulation of hepatic triglycerides and reduced the symptoms of fatty liver. The herb has anti-ulcer properties. It was found that the total cholesterol levels, triglycerides, LDL-C and various components of serum lipids, which remain higher in obese animals, decreased significantly when a regulated dose of the herb was given to the laboratory animals.

Herbal remedies to lose belly fat contain herbs which have the power to get rid of belly fat and also control the side effects of weight gain. The regular intake of such cures can provide long term relief from obesity.
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