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Belly Fat is it Healthy for Women?

11/30 9:19:48
Belly fat is one of the common issues that hunt most middle-aged women. Belly fat for women may be caused by hormonal change, age-related gain weight and heredity. The most common reason why women start to gain weight is during and after their menopause. Read on to know some of the effects of belly fat for women.

Abdominal fat or belly fat is one of the conditions that make women feel unattractive which makes them feel unhappy. Belly fat is not healthy for women because it does not only make them unattractive but it can be a precursor of having serious medical condition such as cancers, cardiovascular dieses and diabetes.

When the person ages his or her metabolism will surely slows down especially if you are not active anymore the fats will starts to accumulate especially on the abdomen area. In fact, women are more prone of getting fat easily than men. The period after menopause, the body distribution is not anymore normal and it basically shifts, wherein less in arms, legs and hips and more in the abdomen area.

Belly fat should be ignored as just simple excess fats from the body. Take note that it cannot virtually seen, which only mean that you need to be alarmed. There are two kinds of belly fats one is visceral, which is a kind of belly fat that is dangerous for the reason that it can be the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and other medical conditions. Second is a subcutaneous fat, which are visible and they are less prone side effects to the body because they are just located within the skin and abdominal wall.

Gaining weight within the abdomen area does more harm that worrying that your waistband is already too tight, wherein you cannot wear your favorite jeans anymore. It is indeed an unhealthy condition because too much fats in the belly has a high risk of having colorectal cancer, high blood pressure, gallbladder problems, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, breast cancer and heart disease.

Recently, medical researchers have also discovered that belly fats are not just an inactive energy that needs to be eliminated or burned. They are in fact active cells that can produce hormones as well as other substances that may affect your system. One example here is these cells may produce hormones that can encourage the resistance to insulin. It only means that a person has possibility to have type 2 diabetes as well. It can also produce estrogen after menopause which leads to breast cancer.
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