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Free Burn Belly Fat Exercises

11/30 9:19:40
If you are looking for a way to free burn belly fat, you might want to try traditional sit-ups. This method is the most common way of working out your abdominal muscles, and as such, is often underestimated. To do sit-ups, you only need a flat surface to lie down on and some willpower to get things started. Sit-ups concentrate muscle movement in the belly area while minimizing movement in the other muscle groups of the body.

Pros of Sit-ups

One good thing about doing sit-ups is that you do not need a lot of bulky and costly equipment to get started burning those flabs off your belly. You just need a little conditioning, a litter determination, and a comfortable place to do it and you're off to a good start. Doing sit-ups is a good way to start the day.

The moment you wake up, do three sets of this belly-busting exercise, or more until you feel the burning sensation in your belly, right on your bed. This will help minimize back pains associated with sit-ups because of the soft, cushioned surface of your bed. Doing sit-ups first thing in the morning will also ensure that your body is up and ready for the day ahead, even before you get your cup of coffee.

Cons of Sit-ups

A downside of doing traditional sit-ups is that it does not entirely isolate the belly muscles, such that other muscle groups also exert effort when you do your repetitions. Most people say that traditional sit-ups cause considerable back and neck pains after some time. One problem with this belly-fat burning exercise is that after some time, the abdominal muscles will tire and other muscle groups will compensate to finish the reps, thus reducing the effectiveness of the exercise.

How to do Sit-ups Properly

With your back lying flat on the floor, bend your knees while keeping your feet together. Your feet should be about 13 to 16 inches from the bottom of the torso. Put your hands at the back of your neck for support.

Pull your upper body up to your knees while keeping your legs glued on the floor. Try to concentrate on straining only your abdominal muscles while doing this. Slowly lower your upper body to the starting position and repeat the procedure.

It is important that you do not use your hands to pull your upper torso up. This will cause strain on the neck and back muscles, as well as decrease the effectiveness of the exercise.


Do 10 repetitions for every set and rest for two minutes thereafter. For starters, you might want to start with fewer reps, then gradually increase the number as you progress. You should do at least three sets of ten repetitions every day. The problem with most people is that they expect immediate results with exercise, which you shouldn't with sit-ups. Doing sit-ups is a wat to free burn belly fat. Make it part of your lifestyle and not just a fleeting program for best results.
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