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Finally! Lose Your Belly Fat With a Total Body Routine, Not Endless Crunches

11/30 9:19:40
Is your objective to lose your belly fat with a simple and efficient abs workout routine? The following fact may surprise you: The best abs workout routine is a total body routine.

The biggest misstep you are likely to take in learning how to lose your belly fat is thinking that simply an abs workout will get rid of those stubborn love handles. An abs workout routine is essential to lose your stomach fat, however the secret is that the best abs workout is really a total body routine! Chances are that you are in the same position as many Americans - trying to lose your stomach fat and trim your love handles. Maybe you are just looking for that final step to finally show off your great six pack abs.

So let us start by discovering why you just cannot seem to shed those last few layers of love handles and stomach fat. Your body stores fat in a variety of places. The two places that your body stores the majority of your fat are (surprise) your stomach and your butt. Simply put, these two areas are a reflection of your total body fat. No matter how much fat you have in your body, the two places where this fat shows up the most are these two. Translation: To lose your belly fat, lose your body fat.

You may have heard that abs workout routines - crunches, sit ups, abs machines, etc - do not work. Well, they actually do but maybe not in the fat-burning way you may think. Most abs exercises you do build muscle, but that is about all. They actually do very little - relatively - to burn fat. These abs workouts are great for muscle-building and toning but really are just one step in the process of how to lose your belly fat.

Picture a man or woman in your head with a great waistline and perfect six pack abs. Beyond the muscles, what do you see? Maybe more appropriately, what don't you see? Fat. The key to showing off six pack abs is not necessarily to build those muscles, but to lose the fat around it. So what is the best way to do that?

If those abs workouts are not effective at helping you to lose your stomach fat than how do you lose it? With a total body routine that trims fat all over your body! If your stomach is simply a representation of your total body fat, than you need to focus on your total body. Get started on a total body routine and the results will come faster than you think. Total body exercises, weight lifting (all muscle groups), a healthy and balanced diet, essential vitamins, and proper sleep habits all are vital in maintaining total body fitness.

That sounds boring and you knew that right? Well if you want to lose your belly fat invest yourself 100% into these habits and you will be amazed at the results! If you need help in choosing a total body routine and abs workout, do some research and invest in a program or personal trainer. The fact is that the more muscle you build, the more fat (and stomach fat) you will actually burn. Every pound of muscle in your body burns an extra 50 calories per day of fat.

If you want to get serious about getting a six pack or how to lose your belly fat, think not of an abs workout routine but of a total body routine!
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