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Losing Pounds The Belly Fat Diet Way!

11/30 9:19:37
So you cringe every time you look into the mirror to see that small bump on your belly and you have no idea how to get that bump off you! Well! a few minor or may be major changes, depending on what diet you are used to accompanied by exercises to burn belly fat can very well help you throw that extra weight off you. A well planned and well timed belly fat diet plan is needed to do so!

Getting a grip on your metabolism

This is very important that is flushing out all those harmful stuffs which would be otherwise added to the fat you already want to lose .For this BREAKFAST is a must. If you ever dream about skipping breakfast so as to fasten up the weight loss process, you would be getting it all wrong and probably no results as breaking your fast with breakfast is absolutely necessary! Begin the day with a glass of warm water and a spoonful of honey.

Pulling the curtains at the right time!

If you are running on 3 to 5 hours sleep a day, STOP! Hit your bed no later than midnight and have a good 8 hours sleep. A tired strained body can never wind up working off those extra pounds.

Bid adieu to junk food

It is time you hide away from all those fast food joints and hit the fresh veggies and fruits counter. Shun these fatty foods and your belly fat will slowly pack up to leave! Also stay away from carbohydrates and eat foods rich in fiber. Fiber helps in metabolism again! Replace rice with whole wheat chapattis, ice creams with yoghurts, have berries, lean meat, low fat dairy products and almonds, also replace your oil with olive oil and you will succeed in your belly fat diet. Here is a great piece of news, dark chocolate have loads of great nutrients and thus is recommended, but do not confuse it with milk chocolate or chocolates with high sugar content!

Plan your meals properly, have the main dishes and the salads, leave out the rich desserts and the fatty side dishes, have a hearty breakfast but go light on your dinner and drink plenty of water throughout the day. These accompanied by exercises to reduce belly fat will help you reach your target figure, and most importantly, results may be slow, but they will be permanent, so do not give up!
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