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Best 4 exercises for belly fat

11/30 9:19:17
In case you are one among the millions suffering from a huge waistline caused by high fat levels, then laborious work outs is the only feasible remedy. Remember general exercises will not help you target the belly fat. Focused and abdominal oriented exercise is the need of the hour. Some of the best and simple exercises for belly fat are given below.

Side crunches

Stretch out on the ground and place the hands behind the neck with both legs steady. Position the knees in the right direction, still placing them on the carpet or exercise mat twirling sideways. Gently lift your head up and then bring it back to rest on the mat. Repeat this procedure by turning leftwards. This motion burns a lot of unused calories trimming your belly faster.

Abdominal crunches

Lie back on a mat or carpet with hands behind the neck. Rest your feet on the mat and keep your knees bent. Gently lift your neck in line with whole portion till shoulder and stay for a moment or so. This posture strains out the calorie deposits inside the belly muscles. Breathe in while coming up and breathe out while going back to the earlier position.

Air cycling

Cycling is one of the easy exercises for belly fat and general body health. During cycling the pressure or the stress gets distributed among the shoulder, arms, belly and the thigh muscles. In order to give a cohesive stress on the belly portion, you can use the same cycling logic through air cycling, i.e. lie on your back, raise your legs, bent at the knees and perform the cycling motion.

Leg lift exercise

Place your hands at the sides of your body and legs stretched straight ahead. Bring your knees up, with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Now fold back your knees towards your body so that your legs are lifted off the ground and the heels face the ceiling. The important part here is that your movement should also raise the tailbone from off, the ground.

When your tailbone is lifted, pressure is exerted on the abdominal muscles. You can pull your knees closer on, to bring the tailbone as high as you comfortably can, but do not overdo it. Then, as in all exercises, slowly return to your earlier position, only to perform the same thing again.

It has an advanced version which needs a lot more strain, as you work on only one knee at a time while the other leg rests, stretched out on the mat.

The above mentioned exercises for belly fat are really effective. With a resolute mind and positive attitude you can shape your belly, as long as you stick to your rigorous schedule of workouts for belly fat reduction.
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