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How To Lose Belly Fat And Get Six Pack Abs With Mike Geary

11/30 9:19:04
Belly fat these days seems to be a huge concern for many people around the world, especially men. Naturally, males are more likely to store more fat around their waistline, which we so lovingly call love handles (also known as beer gut or pot belly). Apart from the biological nature concerning men, today's type of lifestyle has a huge impact on belly fat; as work, stress, entertaining clients and family and lack of exercise contribute to the slow build up of stomach fat. More so the consumption of junk food, which also doesn't help.

Belly fat is usually a very stubborn type of fat, in that it requires a lot of work to burn it off. Knowing how to lose belly fat is not easy considering the miriad of weight loss and six pack ab programs available on the internet. One of the simplest ways for men to lose belly fat is through a combination of cardio exercise, weight training and a lean muscle building diet. One of those highly recognised world trainers, Mike Geary is one of the specialists that can lead you down the right track to losing belly fat and finally achieving that sculpted body. This is by far no gymmic program to follow. Mike Geary is a certified fitness trainer and nutritionist.

Mike Geary and the truth about abs provides more specific information for men and woman. Losing your gut and getting a flat stomach using the right abdominal exercises can be a slow experience, but it is certainly worth the hard work efforts. The rewards are not only smashing hot looks and a fit body, but also improved long term health which aids as you get older. The benefits of losing weight or belly fat is not only do you get great six pack abs, but it also benefits your health as a whole.

Losing weight believe it or not becomes harder as we get older. Metabolism tends to slow down which means that it is far easier to gain weight. Also we become less active as we get older which just adds to the problems. However, this should not deter you from shedding weight. The truth about abs is the ducks guts from what we have seen as far as diets are concerned, combining those diets with effective exercises and achieving the best looking body with the best possible six pack abs.

Everyone needs to remember that diet is more important than exercise to lose weight. You will never be able to burn of excess energy through exercise (only professional athletes are able to do this). The objective is to reduce the intake of calories in food consumed while maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

Also something that needs to be noted, higher protein intake diets can make weight loss allot easier, therefore it is some what important to do some weight training exercises as part of your weekly fitness routine to ensure that both body muscle mass and bone density are maintained at their maximum levels.
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