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Belly Fat Diet Foods

11/30 9:18:31
Look, you want to get rid of your belly fat. Diet foods that you think are good, AREN'T. They're high in carbohydrates and have a lot of empty calories. So simply because something says low fat on it does not instantly make it good. Take two minutes to read this article and I'll tell you which foods really help you to get a flat gut.

You can eat plenty of food, but your intake of calories should be either significantly lower or higher than the prior day. It helps to have a general meal plan so you stay on track with your shifting. That's what becomes a quick way to lose belly fat.

Belly Fat Diet Foods

1. Black beans

These are nearly a perfect foods. Why? Because each can will give you twenty-five grams of fiber along with 25 grams of protein. There's no SUGAR in them also. Baked beans could be better flavored, but this is the one you would like if you are trying to shed pounds. To liven them up, you can add a large spoon of sour cream to them.

You continue to come out way ahead. Oh yeah, you will not get sticker shock on these either. They are only 58 cents a can.

2. Lentils

Ok, if you presumed black beans were inexpensive and a nutritional powerhouse, lentils has them beat. An one pound bag of lentils costs about 72 cents, but it provides 130 grams of protein and an enormous 143 grams of fiber. WOW! The only problem with lentils is they take a bit longer to cook than black beans.

I recommend you cook up an enormous heap of soup using lentils and plants. Eat a tiny bowl of this soup before 1-2 meals every day. This could give you lots of protein and fiber while cutting your total calories by twenty percent or more.

This is what you want. Foods that are high in both protein and fiber. These belly fat diet foods are the best of the finest.
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