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The Program to Lose Belly Fat and Get Nice Abs

11/30 9:18:30
It's all too easy to acquire unwanted belly fat when you let your body get out of condition. Losing weight is not as easy as putting it on, but it can be done, providing you're serious about improving the look of your body. If you want to get fit and develop your physique then what you need is a good workout program.

People often give up on diets and exercises because of the amount of time it takes to see any results. If you want to lose unwanted belly fat and get the six pack abs you've always dreamed of, then you need a specially designed program that uses effective fat burning and body sculpting moves into every single workout.

Losing belly fat is a lot easier when you combine the right moves with a healthy diet. When you want to lose weight you will only make it if you eat the right foods. Don't eat carbs after 2pm in the afternoon; as the day wears on you should eat plenty of fruit and green vegetables with a small amount of meat or fish. You should eat smaller portions at every meal if you want to lose weight properly. When you eat less carbs and smaller portions you will burn off more fat.

Along with the healthy diet you need an intense full body workout if you intend to get the abs that you want. A full body workout should incorporate compound exercises to stimulate and force muscles into a stable form. Do less of the exercises like barbell curls, which only work with one group of muscles, and aim for things like a chest press, forward and back dumbbell lunges, and squat fire presses.

These exercises work on changing the way your body burns up fat when you stop and rest. If you want to lose fat quickly, then it makes sense to only do the things that work, obviously.

You should do what is called high intensity interval training on the days that you don't do weights as this is also great for burning off fat. The way that "hit" works is that you start with a two minute warm up, either bike or running, then sprint for one minute, jog for one minute, sprint for one minute, etc. If you do between 8 and a max of 20 minutes, this burns fat around 78% more quickly than the normal cardio exercises.

The stop start principles involved in these exercises help both your breathing and your heart to operate more efficiently.

Six pack abs may take a while, but you will get there quicker if you do a revolving workout after the "hit" mentioned above. If you do the workout three times a week then you will start to see a difference in your abs in three to six weeks.

You start with a normal crunch, and make sure you don't rest between exercises, 20 in and out toe pointers - sit on the floor hands by your side, then lean back slightly,with legs outstretched and both feet together, lift them off the ground, push your toes out and bring your legs into your chest, twice.

Next, with your feet on the floor, lift your pelvis off the ground - known as the 20 tilt crunch - still sitting on the floor, lean back and cycle 20 revolutions a leg, then hold for 30 seconds with toes and forearms on the floor in a push position.

Finally do 30 straight leg sit ups by lying on your back with your legs stretched out and wider apart than your shoulders, then crunch up leaving your legs and knees on the floor.

There are plenty of exercises like these that you can do three times a week: coupled with the right diet you will soon have the six pack abs and no belly fat.
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