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The Best And Fastest Way To Lose Belly Fat

11/30 9:17:58
If you want to lose your belly fat and want a quick remedy, you would naturally look for the fastest way to lose belly fat. There are a lot of exercises and workouts out there that you can try, however, a fast ten-minute workout is what works best.

This training regime can be done at home, so there is no need to spend money on a gym membership. It is a cardiovascular routine which is highly specialized and can burn up to one hundred and fifty calories a day in ten minutes. This is definitely the fastest way to lose belly fat.

The first two minutes of the workout is spent by jumping rope. Begin the routine by jumping two times for each turn of the rope. As a safety precaution, you must use the right kind of jumping rope and land on the balls of your feet after each jump.

The next two minutes will be spent engaging in squat thrust and push up exercises rolled into one. The proper way of doing this combo-exercise is to stand with your feet apart about shoulder width and your arms down on your sides.

Squat down slowly with your head forward. Bring your hands down on the floor, ensuring that they are also pointing forward. Having done this, push your legs straight out behind you into a push up position. This should be done in a single swift movement.

Do a single push up and jump back to return to your squat position before standing back up. Keep yourself motivated by thinking that you are getting thinner and that your fat is going away as you go on with your exercise.

In the next minute, go back to jumping rope, but this time do just one jump per cycle. Again, keep your mind focused on shedding that fat. This is essential if you want the regime to succeed.

For the fourth and fifth minute of this exercise regime, return to the squat thrust / push up combo-exercise, but this time add another exercise called the side plank. After doing the earlier stated exercise, lift and rotate the left arm from the ground and raise it over your head.

Position your left foot over the right foot. Rotate your neck up so you will end up looking on the ceiling. Rotate back to the center position and do the exercise on the other side. Once completed, go back to the squat position, stand and then repeat.

The remaining minutes of this workout are filled in the same manner, with the addition of the leg lift to the combo-exercise, and the mountain climber. The leg lift is performed by alternately lifting your feet an inch or so off the ground, while the mountain climber requires you to just jog on the spot.

Regularly follow this workout and you will find it to be the fastest way to lose belly fat!
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