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Losing Belly Fat For Teenagers

11/30 9:17:51
Billy is seventeen years old and weighs in at one hundred and seventy pounds. Losing belly fat has become an obsession to him.

How can a teenager lose belly fat and stay healthy?
With a growing body that demands a constant supply of nutrients it is essential that any weight loss program addresses the needs of the teenager.

Simple exercise and a healthy eating plan can reduce the little pot belly that some youngsters develop.
A common misconception regarding belly fat is that it can be lost by performing endless repetitions of sit-ups or stomach crunches.

This can in fact lead to a pronounced stomach and cause an imbalance in the normal posture by creating too much muscle around the abdomen.

Furthermore it can also lead to lower spine problems in the longer term. Any exercise should not be targeted to a single area but a whole-body approach.

To lose weight which will stay lost but retain a healthy body the teenager should be eating well balanced meals which contain a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. This is the number one concern for a young adult,

To get the variety of nutrients required for healthy growth and a sustainable fat reduction all meals should contain as many combinations of nutrients as possible.

There is a wealth of information regarding calories, nutrients, vitamins and minerals available online or in your local stores. Many pharmacies nowadays have calorie counting guides and nutritional information.

If you find it difficult to work out exactly what it is that you should be eating invest in a properly designed weight loss program.

Exercise for weight loss needs to incorporate an aerobic element, in fact it should be almost totally aerobic.Aerobic exercise means literally "With Air" and really just refers to any activity that makes you breathe a little harder.

The growing teenager is a hardy piece of work but think long term. Pounding up and down pavements can be extremely hard on the joints, especially the knees and hips, so ensure the proper footwear is acquired and used.

A quality pair of running shoes may seem a little on the expensive side but they will be cheaper than a new set of knees.Try not to expect miracles, any program designed to lose belly fat will and should take a little time.

Sudden and dramatic reductions in weight are a sign that there could be trouble ahead so be patient and take it steady.
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