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You Can Lose That Belly Fat

11/30 9:17:50
It happens to almost all of us. We develop an overhang over the top of our waistband. Some people refer to this bulge as love handles and others complain of a beer belly look. No matter what you call it belly fat is not attractive. Fortunately you can lose that belly fat.

In most cases the belly fat is not as extreme a problem as you may think. If you can shed a few pounds you are likely to notice a difference in the excess fat around your mid section.

I suggest that you start by eating often but eating small portions of healthy food choices. Always eat a nutritious breakfast. That will get your metabolism started and by eating several times through out the day you will keep your metabolism rate working for you. The frequent eating pattern will prevent you from reaching the point of hunger which will help you manage the amount you eat at each meal.

Besides eating healthy food choices you will also want to consider what you drink. Soft drinks are not a good choice. Consider drinking more water, tea, juices and even coffee. Beer is definitely not your friend while you are working on losing that bulge.

Unfortunately you may find it necessary to add a regular exercise routine in order to tighten up your abs. Start slowly and add to your exercise as you are able. Although it does not seem related, any exercise will be an advantage. This includes walking or simply being more active.

Of course any exercise that focuses attention on the abs will be great during this time. Consider crunches and sit ups. But there are less strenuous exercises that can be very effective. Think back to some of the childhood exercises you may have done. Things like touching your toes. Another one that I like is simple. You stand with your feet should-width apart and your hands on your hips. Then you bend at the waist in all four directions, start by bending to the right as far as you can, then downward toward your toes, then to the left and finally toward the back. That is one; you should try to do at least 15 of those.

You can also stand with your feet apart and your arms straight out from your shoulders and simply pivot from the waist, going from side to side as far as possible. By stretching your waistline as you exercise you will tighten the muscles.

Belly fat seems to be more disturbing than fat in other areas because it is noticeable and it can quickly become very problematic. But if you work at it you will be able to get your waistline back in shape and under control. Eating right and at the right intervals can do wonders in weight management.
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