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Burn Belly Fat And Lose Waist Inches

11/30 9:17:14
Started to get worried when you look in the mirror?. Scared that you will not be able to see anything other than belly fat. Do not panic if that is the case though.There are many things you can do to burn belly fat fast. Here are a few guidelines to burn belly fat and lose waist inches:

1) Walk. A brisk walk to the shops, through the park, back from work any or all of these are siple effective ways at working off calories. They are ideal for people who are not fans of the gym or intense exercise and also double up as very relaxing activities where you can gather your thoughts a little.

2) Swim, row or run, or in fact choose any exercise that you enjoy and make it a part of your routine, just do it. Yes, some exercises are more intense and will work off more energy/calories but the main thing is that you are working out regularly. Swimming would be a great option for those who struggle with painful joints as it avoids the jarring of many other exercises.

3) Interval Training. This is a superb way to burn belly fat, here are some guidelines. After a warm up get on a treadmill and run hard at around 90% of your maximum effort for 2 minutes then follow this with a slower restful 50% effort period of exercise. Persist with the same cycle of exercise for repeating the efforts for at least twenty minutes. This can dramatically improve your aerobic fitness and raise tyour metabolic rate for a few hours too.

4) Weight training. Weight train two or three times per week. Muscle tissue needs more calories to ensure it runs properly than fat tissue. This means that the more muscle you have the more calories you will burn even when at rest.

5) Pursue a sport. Get involved with a local sports team or club. Anything will do, try and rediscover an old passion that you used to have. Play football, squash anything you like. Being part of a team gives you the feeling of not wanting to let team mates down and prevents it from becoming an unwelcome chore.

And of course cutting out the fast food and sweets plus drinking lots of water goes without saying. Following these tips will allow you to burn belly fat consistently but it is up to you, good luck!
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