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Foods that Burn Belly Fat - Important Facts You Need to Know

11/30 9:17:14
One of the most common misconceptions about fat loss is that you have to significantly lower your food intake to the point of starvation to achieve significant results. While it is true that you have to eat smaller portions, losing weight doesn't have to mean going hungry. In fact, you can even solicit the help of certain foods to help you achieve your weight loss goal. Surprised? Don't be. Welcome to the world of natural foods that burn belly fat!

1. Plain Oatmeal. This fiber-rich food helps maintain your blood sugar levels because it stays in your stomach for hours, eliminating your need for a sugary snack.

2. Eggs. The Vitamin B12 content in egg helps metabolize fat.

3. Black Beans. These are high in fiber but low in calories and are great for detoxification and weight loss.

4. Lean meats. Skinless chicken or turkey, lean pork or beef have protein which requires more calories to digest. The more calories you burn, the more fat you lose. Take note, however, that cured meats like bacon are not fat-burning foods.

5. Fish. Salmon or tuna are even better than lean meats because they have less saturated fat. They also have omega-3 that lowers leptin levels in the body to facilitate caloric burn.

6. Whole Grains. They are high in fiber and are better than refined grains in burning fat because they keep insulin levels low after a meal

7. Sugar-Free Peanut Butter. No kidding. PB is rich in niacin which prevents the belly from bloating. Don't take more than two tablespoons a day, however, because PB is also chockfull of fat.

8. Green Vegetables. Popeye the sailor man might be exaggerating but spinach is not only full of vitamins and minerals, it is also high in fiber and low in calories that keeps you full for longer and aids in detoxification. Broccoli, romaine lettuce and arugula as well as other green leafies are great fat-burning foods.

9. Vitamin C rich fruits. Lemons, oranges, grapefruit are super fruits that are great for weight loss.

10. Berries. Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries are rich in fiber that help in weight loss.

11. Avocados. Where fat-burning fruits are concerned, avocado tops the list. It contains MUFA or mono-unsaturated fatty acids that target the fats found in the belly.

12. Olive oil. Again, this is high in MUFAs that also control hunger. Canola oil is also another fat-burning, well, fat.

13. Almonds and nuts. Low in calories, high in protein, these nuts are natural fat burners. Snack on them but have no more than 24 almonds a day. Go for natural, salt-free nuts. Too much sodium causes hypertension.

14. Chili Peppers. Jalapeno, cayenne and other chili peppers are natural fat burning belly foods because they contain capsaicin that boosts metabolism by speeding up your heart rate.

15. Water. Always keep hydrated by drinking lots of water. This is the most fat-burning drink you can ever consume. It boosts your metabolism for that continued caloric-burn.
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