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Lose Belly Fat: 10 Minute Daily Routine

11/30 9:17:09
If you want to lose belly fat of your body to change your look without spending your hard earned money then you should consider this daily sequence of exercises which I follow on a regular basis.

With this daily sequence of exercises you can lose up to 200 calories every single day.

First one minute: Warm up your body. Do static jogging on one place without moving a single inch.

Second minute: Lie down on the mat and get you're breathing back. Try to feel that you are losing your belly fat.

Third minute: Lie down again on ground and try to touch your left knee with your chest or breast with the help of your hand. However in this situation keep your lower part of your body touched on the ground and right leg should be straight.

Fourth minute: Repeat the third minute posture with the right knee. How ever in this situation your left leg should be straight.

Fifth Minute: Repeat the third minute exercise with both knees touching your chest or breast area of your body.

Sixth Minute: Again lie down on the mat and keep your both leg straight and touched with each other. Now, take a deep breath and hold. Now, try to lift your upper portion of your body at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees and hold on to that posture for 10 second and then slowly come down. Take a 10 second gap and do this again for 3 times.

Seventh minute: Stand up in straight position and try to touch your feet with your hand without bending your legs. Hold yourself for 10 seconds in this posture. Repeat this posture for 3 times.

Eighth minute: Jump for whole one minute with a rope.

Ninth and tenth minute: Relax. Hold your thoughts on feeling that now you have achieved your target of "lose belly fat".

You may not feel the importance of the last posture on theoretical basis; however as per my experience this is as important as we put physical effort like exercises. This is because; we all have fluctuations in our energies from positive to negative within short span of time. Last two minutes of this daily routine will make you more positive about achieving your target.

One other very important factor in achieving your goal and doing the last two minute of exercise is the "law of attraction". As per my own experience, this law is working for us beyond our conscious level without fail. This law states that whatever we want to achieve including this goal of fat loss, we can achieve, and the only requirement is to feel that we have already achieved our perfect body. Visualize yourself by doing the things after you have achieved your shape like you are now purchasing thinner pants for yourself and you are showing it to everyone, as well as feeling very happy about it. Write your goal in present tense and read it aloud for 5-10 times a day.

I can challenge you that within few weeks, you will feel the difference within yourself. It is my promise.
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