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You Can Really Lose Extra Belly Fat

11/30 9:16:58
You can shed unwanted belly fat, along with all the other unhealthy, dangerous body fat you have been lugging around. There's no magic cure, so everything you do geared at your belly will also help your thighs, butt and all those other places you have been despairing about.

Here's the great news. Your belly may be the very first place you are likely to see results. The reason for that is found in the kind of fat that creates that large pooch - visceral. Visceral fat is located between and around the internal organs. It's more metabolically active, so it usually goes first. The more fat you have to shed, the more this effect will show up.

So how do you shed that stomach fat? There are lots of specifics, but it mainly comes down to a simple equation. Calories in should be less than calories used. Cut your intake below your use, and the fat will go. If your intake is a little below your use, you will shed weight very slowly, but you cannot go too low, or your body's defense system will kick in. Our early ancestors had to worry about hunger on a regular basis, so we developed to deal with a lack of food by losing other things besides excess fat. That's why starving yourself never worked.

Let's look at the very first part of that equation - calories in. Time to talk about the dreaded diet plan. There are literally thousands of diets available, from the tried and true to the latest and greatest. The reality is any one of them can be successful for a little while, but very few are good for the long term. They are too rigid and easy to fall off, or too easy and don't get good results. What are you to do? Before you go crazy on expensive diet plan foods or the latest celebrity diet book, do one thing. Just cut back your portion size. Just a small amount. Instead of fearing your food, celebrate it. Savor it. Put your fork down between bites and really taste and enjoy your food. You'll eat slower and feel full quicker and eat less. Now that didn't hurt one bit, did it?

The second part of the equation can also be dealt with in a comparable manner. How do you increase your calorie expenditures? Walk more. Park your car farther away at the mall or work. Stop one or more floors below your office and walk the stairs. Plant a garden, clean your house, etc.

What is the point of only performing small changes? That's simple. Outcomes. When you see the results from performing just a couple of simple changes, it inspires you to go farther.
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