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The Fastest Way to Lose Belly Fat - Food Log Entries

11/30 9:16:48
The fastest way to lose belly fat is hardly a secret. If you really think about it, it's not that hard to understand at all. The easiest thing to do here is to start with the basics.

We know that food nourishes us. We are also aware that without food, we'd starve to death. We even consume large amounts of food at a time because eating seems to drive bad vibes away.

Somewhere along the way, we lose track of our real purpose (and motivation) for losing weight. In times like these, it would be best if we stopped and kept things simple. I know Tom Venuto himself keeps it simple and real with his fitness plan.

The fastest way to lose belly fat is by starting a food diary. It's not as hard as you might think. I had my doubts when I started mine, but everyday I get more certain that it does work.

I wasn't really aware of the amount of food I was eating until I started writing them down in my improvised diary. I learned that when you write your meals down, you become more conscious of the food you eat. You can recognize awful eating patterns and change them easily in the future - clearly the fastest way to lose belly fat.

There are scientific studies that validate this. Regularly jotting down your food intake will help remind you of what to eat and what to avoid. A tangible list of food items is what you need to get a sufficient amount of calories in your diet.

Not only will you become aware of what you consume, but you will also be guided by the frequency of your meals. 6 small meals a day is idyllic, so if you notice that you've been having more than what's required, you can remind yourself and get back on the right track. If this isn't the fastest way to lose belly fat then I don't know what is.

Finally, as you go through your eating pattern, you will easily identify events and emotions that push you to overeat. So when the same event or emotion arises, you know better than to go for the fast food joint around the corner.

I don't have to stress how beneficial it is to keep a food journal. Start shedding off those extra pounds today.
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