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The Get Rid of Belly Fat Mindset, Ensuring Victory

11/30 9:16:38
Anyone who has every set personal fitness goals knows all too well that weight loss is not simply a physical challenge. The real challenge of weight loss is staying the course and keeping your eyes on the goal, rather than the pain of the training session to come.

Fitness training, especially for those who have extra weight to carry into the gym, can be very uncomfortable. Knowing this, we all head down that slippery slope of procrastination and excuse creation to buy us a little more time before that discomfort sets in. And this point might as well be the end of the journey, because it's the point at which all progress ceases.

But there are a few tactics employed by successful dieters and weight loss victors alike that takes second guessing out of the equation. You see, if you can construct a schedule where workouts and healthy eating are not built in, but are in fact built around, then your chances of success increase exponentially.

For starters, successful weight losers don't treat workouts like they do other things they hate. The way people generally treat things they hate is to postpone them until a time they think will be easier to deal with them. This is rarely the case, and usually later provides an easy excuse for another postponement. But the way people treat things they love to do is pretty straightforward, they do them first and they do them now.

You can't fit a workout in after a busy day at the office because workouts are not always fun. And the last thing you'll want to do after a grueling day at work is work harder on your body. Working out needs to be automatic, and it needs to come first, before you get the chance to make excuses. Successful weight losers put training first and get their sessions out of the way when they still feel strong, not when they feel tired.

Getting up 20 minutes early and forcing yourself into a 15 minute jog or pushing yourself through a 15 minute bodyweight circuit of pushups, squats, and sit-ups is enough to make gains incredibly quickly. Regardless of whether these things are your primary source of fitness training, getting something done first not only makes you feel good about yourself, but it takes the pressure off your shoulders to squeeze something in later.

If you choose to work out a second time in a more comprehensive manner, it becomes much easier to do knowing that it isn't necessary at all, but will only better your results. And if you don't, then who cares? You've already met your small daily commitment that with time will ensure progress. It may not be enough for rapid belly fat reduction, but it will be the foundation of healthy and sustainable weight loss, as well as improved personal discipline.

So the basic things to keep in mind when trying to get rid of belly fat are:
1. Work out when you are fresh, not when you are tired
2. Work out first thing in the morning
3. Set small achievable goals, rather than monster goals
4. Treat it like you love it, and not like it's a burden
5. Show up every session, even if you are in no conditioning to train (just sit there if need be)
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