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Stressed Out With Belly Fat Pt. 3: What Your Tummy Really Needs

11/30 9:16:37
In the article, Stress About Belly Fat Pt. 2: Too Much Pressure and Not Enough Elimination, we discussed that when your body has a highly acidic environment, the body feels the pressure. We discussed how the body needs to alkalize itself so it starts by searching the blood for minerals to accomplish this. If there are no minerals in the food, then the body robs it from your bones.

But what we don't realize is that while your body is robbing and leech your blood stream and your bones for minerals, it become lethargic and wants sugar. This happens because the body has been robbed of calcium. So, in response to the cravings, eat a candy bar and suddenly think you feel better.

What has really happened? Here is the real scenario. The body then gets that "quick" energy it needs. Therefore, it begins to work from that energy. It has enough energy to digest the food to help you get through some of your physical activities for about 2 hours. Suddenly, you're tired again. The body has digested the food but much of the food you ate was dead and useless. It had no nutritional value. So, much of that food becomes metabolic waste. And once again, the body feels the stress of getting rid of this acidic material, so it searches the blood for minerals. No minerals are there; then, it robs the minerals from the bones. And the cycle continues.

Do we really understand the physical stress the body is under? Can we see now how aging, weight gain, and stress are inevitable? And what have we been told is the answer? A pill is what the diet and weight-loss industry has provided as an answer--yet another foreign substance. Let's put the facts on the table. If what you put in the body is not a fat, carbohydrate, or protein, your body eliminates it as waste plain and simple. Yes, some water soluble minerals and phyto-nutrients are great supplements but these substances naturally assimilate in the blood stream adding minerals. To settle the question about herbs, herbs are food with nutrients. Many of the pills on the market today supported by the diet industry are stimulants.

Stimulants only work for a short period of time after which the body becomes immune to them and they stop working. Have you ever taken a diet pill to suppress your appetite? After about 6 months of taking the pill, you probably had to up your dosage in order to continue to suppress your appetite. Quick fix pills carry you the distance with weight-loss. Moreover, these pills, which have been manufactured to reduce stress and burn fat, contain stimulants that cause heart palpitations, elevated blood pressure, and liver damage. When we lose weight we want to be healthy, fit, vibrant and full of life.

What is the point in losing fat if we lose our lives in the process? It is time to get the knowledge we need about health, fitness, and nutrition. We need to learn how the body and food work together as well as the role that exercise plays in alleviating stress and aging.

Finally, what does your tummy really need? Adding raw foods such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains to your diet is what the tummy really need. With more raw foods in your diet, you are getting high-octane energy and there is nothing like it on the market.

Your body will be able to heal and repair itself daily. After all, health is the rate at which your body has the ability to heal itself. Great health means regaining your youthful vigor, weight management, more energy, and getting older without aging. Give yourself a chance at a healthy and vital life. Knowledge is power. Learn how you add more raw foods to your diet and experience optimal health. With this knowledge, you will find there is no need to be stressed out about belly fat.
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