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Staying Motivated In Your Quest To Burn Belly Fat

11/30 9:16:31
Yes, we have all done it! Begun a new training and diet regieme full of purpose at the beginning only for it to all fall apart somewhere along the way. You might not have consciously given up but that is what it actually amounts to.

Should you be tired of feeble attempts to burn belly fat such as this then these following tips are for you, they will all help you to stay on track to burn belly fat:

1) Take pictures of your body.You don't have to post them on facebook or anything but you should save them somewhere so that you can refer to them later. you will be able to visibly see your body changing if you do this every couple of weeks.This can be very motivating.

2) Create a training diary. Instead of just mindlessly plodding away on the treadmill, make it interesting. Keep a record of precisely how may kilomterse you can cover in say 25 minutes and try and increase the distance each training session. You can also note how many reps you can do with what amount of weight giving you yet more opportunity to monitor your progress.

3) Sign up for a sports team. Doing this provides much more motivation to continue to do something. You will be much less likely to not train if your team mats are relying on you.

4) Relax and have fun. There is no rule that says exercising has to be dull. Just do what you enjoy and keep trying different things. Have a go at weight training, martial arts, step aerobics anything that keeps you active and gives you a new challenge is likely to prevent you from getting bored and giving up.

5) Create time.Yes I know you've got to pick the kids up from school finish your work at the office blah blah blah and now you have not time to train. Listen a good workout can be had in half an hour. Do you watch television for half an hour each day? Then I need not say more.

6) Develop a positive attitude towards your new routine.A large part of success is down to your own mindset. Your life is going to be made a grea deal easier from simply remaining positive.

With the above tips in mind you should have no problem sticking to a belly fat burning routine and transforming your body shape.
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