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A Simple Trick to Help You Lose Belly Fat

11/30 9:16:21
Losing belly fat has become a real obsession for some. With virtually every cover girl posing with a slim, sexy waistline we can easily feel inadequate when we look at ourselves in the mirror. You can say that a flat, sexy stomach is the ultimate symbol of sexiness and that its become the goal of virtually every dieter in the world.

The abdominal area is one of the body's main targets for fat storage and its usually the first and the last place where we gain weight. Fat storage in the tummy area can quickly spiral out of control as the build up of fat accumulates quite quickly.

Its ironic how the biggest dieting problem is actually caused by our everyday diets. If you look at the ingredients of some of the most common supermarket foods then its no wonder we are all walking around with big bellies. Diets that are high in saturated fat, high in preservatives and low in fiber and nutrients is at the order of the day. By the time you are 18, the average American has eaten enough preservatives to preserve his body for 6 months.

We've all tried dozens of diets and with a new FAD diet being promoted on TV every week its hard to keep up these days. The challenge however is that we've all been on diets and we know that they don't work - not in the long run at least. We have to change our eating habits.

Changing your eating habits can be really tough and changing something that you've done every day for 20 odd years is not easy no matter how strong your will power. There is one trick however that works very well. The trick is not to try and eliminate foods from your diet, but to substitute them instead.

For every "bad" food in your current diet, there is a healthy substitute. By replacing a bad habit with a good one you can change without the usual pain of breaking a habit. All you need to do is to do a bit of research and look for alternatives to those foods that are actually making you fat. This really is the easy way to do it.
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