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How to Attack Body Fat In Four Solid Ways

11/30 9:15:58
Despite exercise machines, special diets, the latest movie star method, and countless other gimmicks in the body fat battle, people are still fat and have trouble with ways to lose body fat. That is, people still have belly fat that protrudes out to a point where toes are no longer visible and large Texas styled belt buckles are needed more to hold up the fat belly than to hold up what used to be loose jeans. Fortunately, there is an arsenal at your disposal should you desire to use it. There are four simple ways a person can drastically attack body fat.

The first way to attack body fat is diet modification. Cut the calories, cut out the fat, and eat foods targeted at a diabetic diet.

If you have ever watched a person with diabetes eat, you will notice small meals throughout the day go right along side the healthy meals in the morning, mid-day and evening. In fact, those morning, mid-day and evening meals are always kept at the same time each day. The diabetic knows that keeping meals small, healthy, and regular keeps the belly fat out and thereby allows the liver to function properly in the disposal of unneeded insulin and helps you attack body fat.

A good second way for you to attack body fat is exercise on a regular basis. This does not require a gym membership, or a run for five miles a day. Simple exercise can be walking yourself to or through the grocery store.

Spend about forty-five minutes walking from one side of a super center to the other and you will be amazed at the exercise you are getting and the progress you are making to lose body fat. Naturally, a person can still do regular cardio exercises such as running, riding a bicycle, and aerobics. These are great ways to attack body fat.

A good solid third way for reducing body fat is adding two Calcium pills a day to your diet to help attack body fat. Most Calcium over the counter is dispensed in 650 mg pills. Taking two 650 mg pills a day can add 1300 mg of Calcium to a diet. This larger dose of Calcium then will attack body fat and helps send it out of the body. Recent studies indicate that Calcium's main target once it enters the body is the belly fat.

A fourth way is to do stomach exercises throughout the day to help lose belly fat. While sitting at a desk, a person can suck his or her stomach in as if trying to touch your backbone with your belly. It should be held for about the count of five and then released. Doing this periodically throughout the day increases stomach muscles and fights the belly fat and you attack body fat.

Get busy with these four steps and you will lose body fat. Good luck to you!
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