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Lose Stomach Fat - Why Crunches And Sit-ups Dont Work For Belly Fat

11/30 9:15:46
Have you been attempting to lose your stomach fat? How many crunches or sit-ups or leg lifts have you sweated through? How much fat disappeared? Probably none right? Did you know why?

Spot exercises that target just the abdomens won't burn fat from your belly. They actually will tighten up your stomach and you may have lost an in. or so around your waist but they will not get rid of that stomach fat. The abdomens simply aren't a massive enough muscle grouping to burn significant fat. The fat that you probably did burn potentially came off your chest or your butt but didn't touch nature's preferred fat storage area, the belly.

Bigger muscle groups burn more fat than smaller muscle collections. If you had used all that energy that you put into those intestinal exercises into effective entire body exercises, you would have seen a serious drop in stomach fat.

What does that mean? Well it suggests you probably would not be looking out for a way to lose stomach fat because you already would be looking good.

So back to the drawing board. What sort of entire body exercises should you be doing?

To be really effective, your exercise has to send a message to the body that it desires more fuel, and lots of it, straight away. This is called kicking up the metabolism. The way to send that message is to use a mix of mild exertion followed by intense effort followed by mild effort and the like.

An example of this would be walking / jogging for two minutes followed by sprinting for one minute followed by walking two minutes. Rinse and repeat. Your body's metabolism will begin to process fat into fuel to feed what it perceives is an instant need to power your muscles. What's more, it'll continue to process that fat even after you stop exercising.

If you're more into training with weights you can follow the same concept. Mild resistance followed by intense resistance. Just ensure you can get your pulse up while doing this. You want your blood pumping to assemble the new fuel being created by the fat being burned.

If you've been doing spot coaching religiously then you already have the discipline. Just switch up the exercises and you'll lose that fat within two weeks.
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