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What To Eat For Maximum Fat Loss

11/30 9:15:25
There is a lot of talk about what people should eat for maximum fat loss. It is something that is important to know because the foods you eat will determine whether you have a quick fat loss or a slow one.

Some foods burn belly fat and others help you lose weight faster. There is a lot of talk about making sure that you are eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and staying well hydrated. The question that many people have is, "What should I eat for maximum fat loss?" This question is more about the diet composition of food than it is about the actual food.

Diet composition refers to the macronutrients like protein, fats and carbohydrates and their percentage that is correct for eating well. There are many experts who have ideas about this and some will be listed here. Some of the most important aspects of this are to concentrate on the fats that you consume because they may be the reason why the weight is lost. Calories are not counted as important as they once were.

Fat vs. Other foods
The types of fats to concentrate on include the Omega-3 and the monounsaturated fats. You should also add whole grains, fruits and vegetables because many of these are naturally sweet. Many organic fruits are sweeter than those that you find on the regular shelf so it is a good idea to eat organic rather than foods you find in a grocery store.

Carbohydrates vs. Fats
You can benefit from a low carbohydrate diet when you take into consideration that many people who lose weight on these diets also lose glycogen which automatically reduces calories. This could be a positive situation because it means that a person on a low carb diet is able to have a fast weight loss because they can sustain themselves with lower carbs without worrying about getting hungry.

The protein you should eat should be lean and very little should come from meat. Instead poultry and seafood are recommended if you want the fastest way to lose weight. Those dieters who eat more protein tend to lose more weight than those who have lower protein.

It is very important that the macronutrients be balanced in the body so that an individual can have the best way to lose weight. This also helps them get into a position to lose belly fat because they overall system is more balanced and able to contribute to the needs of the body.

Diet Composition
Diet composition also plays a part in helping people who have excess weight who want to understand how to lose weight. It is based on a formula that basically looks at the amount of energy taken in vs. the amount of energy that goes out and the amount of energy that is stored. The formula looks like this:

E(in) - E(out) = E(stored)

This means that in order to have a quick weight loss you will need to eat the foods that help you burn belly fat or that will help you have fast fat loss instead of concentrating on calories.
The way to calculate this for yourself is to do the following:
1. Measure body weight and composition.
2. Multiply body weight in pounds by percent body fat to determine pounds of fat.
3. Multiply pounds of fat by 30. (Source: Drew Bay's High Intensity Training).

This will help you understand how body composition helps your way to rapid fat loss.

More research has to be done on the effects of body composition on fat and this has become such an important topic that the National Institute of Health is looking for grant research to be done on the topic.
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