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How to Lose Belly Fat and Get in Shape Fast

11/30 9:15:03
The principle of losing belly fat is very simple and intuitive. Belly fat can be lost with a combination of diet and exercise. This appears at first sight to be a simple affair however a little deeper exploration will show us that even though the concept is age old and simple we can approach it in a scientific way to make the whole affair far more effective.

To become effective we will have to try and understand how the body functions. The human body burns the stored carbohydrates first and then goes on to burn stored body fat and finally burns the stored protein in the body as it slowly runs out of carbohydrates and fat, to produce energy.

The logical step therefore is to ensure that your body burns up all the excess carbohydrates so that it can start burning the excess fat. Therefore for the first couple of weeks your diet should be low carbohydrate diet so that your body starts burning all the excess carbohydrate. Once this is done the body switches over to a fat and protein burning mode.

Do not lose muscle:

However this is not all good. Simply because losing protein or muscle mass is not desirable. Simply because muscles are one of the most important things for your body metabolism as loss of muscle mass will make you physically weaker. Therefore the diet that you must have must be low on carbohydrates for the first couple of week. The next stage is to change the diet to low carbohydrate and low fat. At the same time you must have protein intake in your diet so that you do not lose muscle mass.

Having adjusted your diet you must as well adjust your exercise. The best manner to do this is a type of exercise that is called interval training. Interval training is when you do high intensity exercise followed by low intensity exercises. An example would be sprinting followed by slow jogging for the same period followed by sprinting and then low intensity jogging, and repeating this cycle for as long as you can.

In fact a lot of research has clearly pointed out that interval training exercises have upto 50% more effectiveness in burning body fat than steady cardiovascular exercises. One might question that what this has got to do with losing belly fat. In fact studies have shown that this type of diets coupled with interval training exercises tend to burn far more belly fat than most other approaches. The reason for this however is not yet very clear.

To put it all in perspective diet in such a way that your body is forced to burn as much fat as possible then use exercises so that your body is forced to burn even faster. This is a sure shot method to lose belly fat. There are other methods as well however this is probably one of the quickest and one of the most effective manners of losing the excess our belly fat that our body contains.
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