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Exercises for Rapid Fat Loss

11/30 9:15:01
There are a number of programs that you can do to lose fat quickly. Most people will find several on the Internet and you may even find a fitness trainer or two that will tell you what to do.

However, sometimes they don't really tell you what types of exercises that will work. Instead, they may promote one kind or another. The point to exercise for rapid fat loss however, is to find several things that you can do to make the fat leave quickly.

Here are some ideas that people have used that work quickly when you want to lose belly fat or have rapid fat loss:

Cardio Training
There are two ways to approach cardio training. You can start out with traditional training, especially when you have a lot to lose or you haven't trained in awhile. You can choose one that you like whether it is walking, jogging, cycling or rowing. Do this at a moderate pace and then you can increase the pace over time.

The second way to approach this is through interval cardio training. This is a more intense cardio and it is a combination of high intensity cardio and low intensity cardio. As an example, some people do this with walking. They start out walking at a medium pace and then walk briskly for 20 seconds; they then slow down again. The point is to alternate the intense and the slower so that your body will raise your metabolism for the entire day. This burns fat quick.

Resistance Training
Many fitness experts say that combining resistance training with interval cardio training is the best of both worlds. The reason is because you can set it up so that you do your cardio, then pick up some free weights and do 6-12 reps, then go back to the cardio. However, you can also just do your resistance training so that you build lean muscle tissue. These two together will help you burn fat quickly.

Aerobic Classes
Many people indulge themselves in aerobic or step classes and all of these work. They keep you working intensely for about 20 minutes or so and if you can keep up with the pace they also help you have rapid fat loss. You can start out slowly but this can be another way to do interval training so keep up the pace!

These are the many types of exercises that you can combine to lose fat quickly but you also have to understand that there is more to losing fat than meets the eye. You will still need to eat better and more nutritionally in order of any exercise program to work the best for you.

There are many ways to eat. Some experts say to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Others swear by the Glycemic Index list of foods. The point of the Glycemic Index is to eat foods that are low (under 55) on the list for most of your meal. Still others have lots of lists of foods that are naturally able to burn fat like berries, greens beans and melons. The point is that if you want to have rapid fat loss, you need to put more than one idea into place.

The more ideas you use the less boredom you will experience and the more you will concentrate on your program. Most people start out doing really well and then falter because they get bored. However, if you have a set of things that you can do, if you change up your exercises you will find that instead of being bored, you are really enjoying your workouts. Burning fat quickly takes some effort and concentration but it can be done.
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