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Quick Fat Loss Tips for Women

11/30 9:14:28
Women who are on the go sometimes do not have a lot of time to go workout in the gym. Many women just want a few things they can do quickly and then they want to move on. There are a variety of fat loss tips but many of them are geared towards men.

As you know women are built different then men and have different bodies and body chemistry. Because of this it is important for them to have a way to lose weight that will take these things into consideration.

Because of this we decided to find the best of the quick fat loss ideas from several different sites. Here are the ones we came up with:

1. Cardio training -- Interval Cardio training works a lot better than regularly boring cardio. The reason is that you can make your body's metabolism work for you instead of against you. With the slower cardio your body gets used to the exercise after awhile and if you do not change the way you exercise the body will no longer respond. Instead interval Cardio combined with free weights will make sure that have the rapid fat loss you are seeking.

2. Eat more daily fiber -- when you think of fiber you might think of older women but the truth is that everyone needs fiber. You can get it simply by eating more fruits and vegetables on a daily basis and looking at the foods that are low on the Glycemic Index. Adding more nuts and seeds to your diet will also help you have the rapid fat loss you seek.

3. Stop drinking soda - many women have convinced themselves that diet soda is helping them lose weight. However, there are studies that have been done that say that diet soda actually makes you gain weight. Diet soda can make you bloat and this does not promote the quick fat loss that you are seeking.

4. Get in the habit of doing resistance training -- most people combine resistance training 3 days a week with their cardio interval training. This is a good place to start and it also burns more calories. You will also burn fat.

5. Don't skip breakfast - it is tempting to miss breakfast especially if you have to get your family off to school and your husband off to work. The tendency is either to grab something off a kid's plate or to miss breakfast entirely. What you do when this happens is set up your body to have a sluggish metabolism for the rest of the day.

6. Drink plenty of water -- you can decide what type of water to drink but it should be some type of filtered water, distilled or spring. Although you may have heard controversy over distilled water experts say that distilled water is really better for you because it doesn't have the salts and the minerals in it. You can get these nutrients from food so you do not need it from water.

7. Get a good night's sleep -- many women do not sleep a full 6 hours and the body needs at least this amount to keep it moving. Your body burns fat when you are asleep and you are refreshed upon awakening.

8. Keep your stress low -- by keeping a stress-less life for the most part you can e sure that you will benefit better from your exercise. Low stress also promotes good cardio health, your body won't store belly fat because it thinks it is starving and you will have a strong sense of well being. This will motivate you to do the exercise that is needed.
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