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Belly Fat - Look Down Get Rid Of That Belly Fat Fast

11/30 9:14:21
Are tired of not being able to fit in your pants and having a roll hanging over your waistband? It is time to do something about it and get that skinny, sexier you back and get back into those tight sexy jeans again. If you have tried everything to get rid of the belly bulge, then read this.

It would be great if you could just snap your fingers and quickly get rid of that belly pouch...okay, that is not going to happen...back to reality. Well, it just does not work that way but there are steps you can take to get rid of the muffin top and get back to looking good in the mirror.

You are probably thinking, "do a thousand crunches and a million sit ups" and then you are there, a flat stomach with 6-pack abs. Well that may work but it is not very realistic, is it? Let us look at some very simple steps you can take to reduce the belly fat.

- First step is to get rid of excess body fat.

You will need to get rid of as much excess body fat as possible by working out your complete body and not just focusing on your abs. Fast exercise with short reps works best for this such as jumping jacks, running up stairs, squats or jumping rope. They may not even make you break a sweat, but they work. Try to do these for 5 minutes intervals as this type of aerobic exercise will burn fat and increase your metabolism. Remember, muscle burns energy 24 hours per day, so if you can increase muscle mass some and reduce fat, then your body will keep burning fat even while you are sleeping.

- Drink plenty of water.

Drinking water has a tendency to flush toxins out of the system, helps with digestion and curbs the appetite. Try drinking one to two glasses of water before meals. This will have a tendency to fill the stomach and curb the craving for carbohydrates. Water will help digest the food you do eat causing the body to keep the nutrients and minerals it needs and pass the waste from your body faster lowering the chances of storing food as body fat. It is not a bad idea to drink a glass or bottle of water every hour or two.

- Do not eat late at night.

Eating a big meal or snacking late at night causes your food not to be digested properly and also the carbohydrates and sugar can interrupt sleep patterns. If you eat too many sugars late in the evening, you may have nightmares or restless sleep, which can cause fat retention. Try to cut off your eating by 8:00 p.m. only eating late on special occasions. If you get hungry, try drinking water to curb your appetite. For more variety, you can add a powered flavoring that is sweetened with sucralose (Splenda), but do not over do it as you will have to get up several times during the night.

- Now, for the crunches.

Okay, now it is time to add some crunches, horizontal bicycle and leg lift exercises laying flat on the floor on a mat or pad. You only need to do ten reps per exercise and only exercise 5-10 minutes per day. Do not do the same exercises on consecutive days as your body will need to rest and repair between exercises.

It is time to make up your mind to do it or not, but if you are ready then you must start today and stick with it.
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