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Lose stomach fat workouts

11/30 9:14:19
The stomach doesn't swell overnight. It will take months or even years of constant accumulation of fat. But you don't need to worry because it is always possible to follow special "lose stomach fat workouts" in order to get your body back in shape.

Leg lifting exercise

Under this exercise, you need to lie on a flat surface with palms on the sides, knees and legs stretched out. Lift both your legs from the floor. Once both legs are raised, first, keep your left leg raised while you bring your right leg down. Follow it by lifting your right leg back. Every time both the legs are up in the air, raise your hips from the ground to stretch your legs as high as possible.

Next, keep your right leg raised, while you bring your left leg down. A couple of seconds later lift your left leg back and raise your hips to stretch both your legs up. Continue with these exercises to lose belly fat. While some 'lose belly fat exercises' do not require additional accessories, the following exercises need the help of some special equipment.

Side bends using dumb bell

One of the 'lose belly fat exercises' is with dumb bells. Stand on the floor with the feet parted at the shoulder length. Hold the dumb bell in your right hand and bend towards your right from your waist. Remember not to bend your knees. Bend to the maximum level possible and then inhale, which is to be let out slowly after returning to the initial standing position.

Once you are done with the right side, repeat the procedure with your left hand. Make sure that you bend only as far as you comfortably can, without bending the knees.

Sit ups on an inclined plane

Sit on the inclined bench and keep your feet at the foot pads. Place hands behind the nape of your neck. Once you are ready, recline back towards the inclined backrest of the inclined bench.

Stop short of touching the backrest, and return to the earlier position. Inhale and exhale while moving down and up, during the exercise. Ensure that the upper portion reaches a completely sitting posture, before going down again for another sit up.

Log roll- stability ball exercise

For this exercise you have to get yourself in a push up position, with your legs resting on the stability ball. Keep your legs on the stability ball and place the hands on the ground at shoulder length, like that for a push up. Lock the stability ball with the help of your knees so that they don't move.

From this position, you have to turn your body to the left or right as far as it goes. Just keep in mind that you have to roll like a wooden log. After one roll, come back to the original position and turn towards the other side. Initially do it for 10 or 20 times and then as you become familiar with it, increase the count.
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