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Fifteen Proven Thermogenic Foods That Help Burn Belly Fat

11/30 9:14:11
Fat burning foods, or thermogenic foods, help nudge your metabolism into high gear. Burning fat isn't just exclusive to performing exhausting workout routines. With these 15 fat burning foods, you can surely melt belly fat faster.

* Peppers - These are probably the most recognized fat burning foods in existence. They may be no bigger than your thumb, but they're crammed with thermogenic properties like no other.

* Garlic - These rich bulbs of spice add a kick to any meal. If you think they're too pungent, chop them into little pieces and add them to your food anyway. If you cook them real good, you won't even notice they're there.

* Ginger - On top of its numerous medicinal properties, ginger is also a great fat burner.

* Parsley - These are quite beneficial for your circulatory system. Helps prevent garlic breath, too.

* Berries - They gratify your taste buds while decreasing calorie absorption.

* Cabbage - Perfect for sandwiches, cabbage is said to be a longevity food that's rich in fiber.

* Lemons - Keep your cravings at a minimum and your insulin levels in check with just a few drops of its juice everyday.

* Brussels Sprouts - These cabbage-like thermogenic foods are packed with vitamins and fat burning properties that shake up your metabolism.

* Cauliflower and Broccoli - These calcium-rich faves are great sources of thermogenic properties (and they taste good, too).

* Green Tea - Before eating, take a mug of hot or iced green tea. It will help in stomach digestion and you'll be left feeling quite refreshed.

* Apple Cider Vinegar - You can definitely benefit a lot from apple cider vinegar or apple cider's weight-reduction properties.

* Mustard - Say goodbye to ketchup and use mustard instead. Your body will be pleased you made the change, that's for sure.

* Cinnamon - Add a full stick to your tea or chop them up and mix them with fruit. You've got yourself a fat burningly healthy yet delicious breakfast.

* Vinegar - It cranks up your metabolism and can even be used in metabolic disorder therapy.

* Water - How could water help eliminate fat, you ask? While your body warms up the cool liquid, you're actually burning some calories.

You can find these thermogenic foods almost anywhere. Before you drive to the supermarket to buy some, make sure you don't already have them in your kitchen. Take advantage of these fat burning foods and start eating your way to a smoking hot body.
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