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Be Motivated to Lose Unsightly Belly Fat

11/30 9:14:07
Do you want six-pack abs with no belly fat in sight, as in magazine-type TV shows and movies? Are you feet-dragging every time you decide today's the day to change? Have you started on a fitness plan but have lost interest (as usual)?

The problem it seems is you are not motivated enough. You are interested in getting the sexy body you want but not committed enough to go the distance. What you need is inspiration or reasons to achieve what you want. Think hard on your objectives, on getting a leaner and healthier body. Some scenarios are provided below for your appreciation, to give you motivational ideas to help you along:

Motivational Reason #1: Health

If your doctor recommends a lifestyle change, don't say ok and decide it's not serious only to realize later that you should have listened and made the changes. Here's the bottom line, you are a health-in-danger candidate. Don't wait for a stroke or heart attack to happen and jolt you to action. Proactively address your fitness lack. This includes: lack of exercise, bad diet and bad habits (i.e. smoking and drinking heavily). Be aware, accept and effect change.

Motivational Reason #2: Confidence

Unresolved insecurity is not good. Negative feelings (of not being able to make it happen or finding the task impossible) are definitely not helpful in achieving your fitness goals. Believe in yourself. Be positive. Convince yourself that you can do it and sustain that thought. Don't let other people get you down.

Motivational Reason #3: Affairs of the Heart

Love is motivating. If you want to get the attention of you lady love, be the man she is looking for. She just may not be into you because of how you look. Check out that ugly belly fat. Women generally like physically attractive men. If you aren't, do something about it. Turn her head in your direction and keep it there.

Motivational Reason #4: Clothes Fit

If you've been spending longer hours going over clothes and looking for the right outfits that hide an extended abdomen, you need to lose weight. 'Homer Simpson' with his belly fat is not sexy. Go for a 'Baywatch' figure that allows you to dress in many different clothing in standard cut that don't need alterations.

Think also of such occasions as beach trips or pool parties. In these activities, you'd need to dress down. A large, sagging bulge over your swim shorts is a fashion no-no. It is hideous to say the least. Motivate yourself to flatten your belly, to get washboard abs that look good in any type of beach or pool wear.

Once you have achieved the fitness level you want, enjoy the welcome changes. You may even feel: 1- lighter, 2 - stronger and 3 - more self-assured. Motivating yourself every day allows you to take many steps forward without prodding. Keep up the momentum. Sustain your fitness level and maintain your new-found figure. Keep in mind always that 'you can.' Believe it!

In closing, Nike says it all in three meaningful words - 'Just Do It.'
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